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6 IT Predictions for 2016

IT_Predictions_London_IT_Provider_2016.pngHidden amongst the servers, shiny new laptops and other IT hardware in our tech lab, we found a small, but perfectly formed crystal ball. It was indeed a strange discovery, but after the initial shock we decided we should ask it what 2016 will bring in terms of IT trends. Naturally. 

This is what it showed us:

  1. The Internet of Things will become mainstream

The Internet of Things (IoT) has come from concept to reality quickly but many still have no idea what it is. This will change in 2016. Not only will the IoT be a mainstream term, but the number of devices that can connect, and the data they will be able to report on, will drastically increase. This may bring an era of ‘predictive living’ we think—where companies can anticipate issues and user needs far in advance of what was previously possible.

  1. Converging towards simpler IT

Businesses will increasingly adopt converged IT offerings for the purpose of simplification.

The mantra in IT used to revolve around best of breed at the component level. Every device was viewed as a building block, and IT professionals prided themselves on knowing how to stitch together enough boxes to make a total solution.

Today however, and for 2016, the goal is simplification: allowing business needs to define IT, and enabling IT to react quickly. Simplification does that. 

  1. The rise of co-location and cloud

Data centre builds – ‘brick and mortar’ – will be eliminated in favour of co-location and cloud.

Several years ago the world’s largest companies were still talking about building new data centres. They had budget and projects underway to break ground and create new space for their in-house IT.

Those days and construction projects are all but gone today. As such we believe new co-location providers will come onto the scene in 2016, and existing providers will continue to build new structures in more markets.

  1. 100 gigabit switches are born

A decade ago the networking industry was focused on creating networking switches that ‘ran at wire speed’ to deliver 1 gigabit, (and each of the mainstream network players made a significant investment with test labs to prove they could do so).

But today wirespeed switching is commonplace, and in 2016 we will see 100 gigabit switch offerings of at least 32 ports in a single 1U chassis. We also predict we will see commercial-grade samples of high-end chassis-based switches with capacities (at ‘wirespeed’) of 512 or more 100Gig ports!

  1. Everything security

From the client requests we have had in late 2015, we predict 2016 will continue to focus on security for every aspect of IT. From networking security to physical access security, each organisation will continue to try to ‘catch-up’, and make huge investments next year to secure their information (and moreover, prove they have taken every means possible to attempt to do so).

We also think that organisations will begin to speak proactively about the extreme lengths they are taking to secure their data before anything happens, rather than trying to defend their actions after the fact. 

  1. BYOD finds balance

Enterprise adoption of BYOD will increase with the introduction of new ‘enterprise ready’ devices and services. Mobile management has been impacting enterprises for years. From a data centre perspective it creates an increase of traffic within the data centre as applications are now decomposed into functional services that intercommunicate with each other.

But alas, we predict mobile and viewer-oriented optimisation will be at the heart of data centre optimisation in 2016. Enterprise-ready devices and services will be introduced from all of the major vendors, each with bigger screens, lighter footprints and more connectivity options.

You might say to yourself: no one can predict the future, not BTA – the business IT experts, and not a crystal ball. But we would argue, that when you equip the business IT experts with a crystal ball—the technology future doesn’t stand a chance.

For more information on how to prepare your business for 2016 and beyond, contact BTA today.


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