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A Workplace of the Future: The top modern technology tips and approaches


modern technologyThe future is somewhat unpredictable and as we have seen in 2020, the workplace can be affected dramatically overnight. However, one thing that you can always count on, is that technology will continue to modernise and adapt to new environments.

Whether it’s a global pandemic, new business demands, or a gap in the market – modern technology will provide you with a solution to maintain productivity in the workplace.

CMI is passionate about supporting organisations to be future-proof as much as possible and make the most of new modern technology. A modern workplace will need to be flexible and ready to adapt.

Here are some of the top tips and solutions to help your business step into the future

1. Digital workforce

modern technology


A digital workforce consists, not of people, but of technological resources that can be put to work. While this may sound a little bit like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie, we’re not talking about robots taking over the world – just technology that aids and supports humans.

Artificial intelligence-powered technologies like cyber security machine learning or using condition driven automation can get results more efficiently. AI can also be used to automate much of the hiring process by quickly going over applicant CVs. It can even be used in the sales process to automate customer interactions and follow ups. Similarly, AI driven speech to text can analyse customer speech and improve customer service.

AI is often found in Managed IT Support Services too. IT Support Providers use tools like Remote Monitoring and Management which includes AI intelligence. Through the use of machine learning IT Support Providers can automate IT management tasks to save time, reduce errors and keep IT up and running.

2. Increased task automation

Low -value tasks can be automated through digital workers to save time and increase productivity. So much time can be taken up with maintenance and management of devices or even entire infrastructures. Microsoft Power Automate is fantastic for streamlining processes. It uses triggers and actions to take care of repetitive tasks within your workflow.

3. Modernising

One of the key ways to ensure your organisation is set up well for the future is to embrace change. Staying up to date will not only ensure that you don’t get left behind but will also keep your business safe against compliance or security changes.  

Cloud phone systems are a great example of integrating rich, robust remote working solutions into every element of your work. Using Cloud-based apps on manual devices like phones will enable everyone to work from any location, any time.

Without a cloud phone system, communication can be impaired in the event of a natural disaster that knocks out regular landlines. Also, being tied to one location with a regular phone could prove problematic amidst the work from home mandate many of us have been given. 

4. Focus on security 

Every single organisation globally needs to prioritise security to prepare for sustainable growth and success in the future. If your data is at risk or you are not up to scratch on compliance, it will be a massive barrier for your business to becoming a modern workplace.

modern technology

Since they are the first line of 
defenceSecurity Awareness Training across your workforce is the most valuable investment you can make. Such training will educate on everything from how to spot phishing scams to secure device management outside of the company network which poses a whole new set of risks in itself.

5. Improved communication

Communicating clearly with partners, colleagues and customers are vital. Ensuring that you are on the same page as your team and working toward the same business goals will increase efficiency in the workplace and help you to reach goals faster.

Using tools like Microsoft Teams and Outlook to coordinate emails, messaging and calendars together will provide clarity and create opportunities to collaborate well.  

6. Digital collaboration

Business decision-makers are increasingly choosing Microsoft 365 for its collaboration tools. The vast array of Microsoft apps that cater to almost every business need you might have all integrate seamlessly together. Microsoft Planner is a great, lightweight project management tool – great for maintaining task plans. Also, new this year, there’s Microsoft Lists. Described by Microsoft as “your smart information tracking app,” it’s built to help you track information and organise your work.

Everything that you need from disaster recovery to cloud computing and cyber security can all be accessed in one centralised location. As well as this, there are add-ins like MindMeister for Microsoft Teams that allow colleagues to brainstorm and visualise project plans together, which is ideal for remote working.



These are just a few of the strategies that you can start to implement to step towards being a modern and agile workplace. Embracing the future of modern technology will aid and support your business, rather than hinder you like out of date tech will.

To keep your business running ahead of competitors, chat with our team of technology experts today. CMI will advise you on the best solutions for your business needs to ensure that you are prepared for the future.


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Graham Stead

Written by Graham Stead

Graham joined CMI following the acquisition of his previous business in 2016, having successfully run that for business for 20 years. Graham's absolute focus is on making sure that we consistently hold our clients central to everything that we do, and is often heard repeating our mantra "we exist to make a significant positive impact on our clients business". Graham and his team work closely with our clients to educate, inform, and ultimately to provide technology that delivers that positive impact. Outside of the office, he is a huge supporter of Bone Cancer Research Trust and has raised over £130,000 for them in recent years.

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