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When is it time for a server upgrade?

Posted by Darron Millar on 15 July 2019


Like with any piece of tech, your server is an investment that depreciates over time. On average, server performance erodes by 14% annually. By the fifth year, a server has only 40% of the performance quality it had when it was new. Lower performance and higher failure rates increase unplanned downtime by 20% annually, negatively impacting your business. So when is the best time for a server upgrade?

Your provider no longer supports your server

The average warranty term is about 3-5 years. After that time, a manufacturer is no longer responsible for providing server support. Servers older than 5 years old are at higher risk of failure.

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Goodbye to BT's ISDN Lines

Posted by Richard Taberner on 04 July 2019


BT (formerly British Telecommunications) have announced their plans to switch off their ISDN network for voice calling in 2025, and will stop taking new orders from businesses in 2020!

As the leading business communications provider in the UK, this change will affect millions of businesses.

What exactly is ISDN?                                                           

Launched by BT in 1968, Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) is a set of communications standards for digital telephony and the transmission of voice and data over a digital line. As BT rolled the new network out over the UK, it grew in popularity and saw the replacement of the original analogue landline technology.

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