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Richard Taberner is Managing Director at BTA Ltd. With 30 years of experience advising and servicing businesses in London and beyond, Richard believes that outsourcing IT doesn't need to be expensive or painful. Whether a client wishes to manage costs or free internal resource through outsourcing, Richard strives to ensure a smooth and reliable service for every client at BTA.
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How Will 5G Affect Your Business?

Posted by Richard Taberner on 13 August 2019


The emergence of 5G has been on the technological agenda for most of the last decade. There have been initial tests worldwide, and it is only a matter of time before 5G is fully deployed in the UK. All major UK operators will have launched 5G networks by the end of this year.

5G has the potential to make cable and DSL obsolete. Many believe that 5G can help double the broadband speeds many customers see today. It’s also much cheaper and easier to deploy. So what are the barriers to universal adoption, and if universal 5G does become a reality, how will it affect your business?

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Goodbye to BT's ISDN Lines

Posted by Richard Taberner on 04 July 2019


BT (formerly British Telecommunications) have announced their plans to switch off their ISDN network for voice calling in 2025, and will stop taking new orders from businesses in 2020!

As the leading business communications provider in the UK, this change will affect millions of businesses.

What exactly is ISDN?                                                           

Launched by BT in 1968, Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) is a set of communications standards for digital telephony and the transmission of voice and data over a digital line. As BT rolled the new network out over the UK, it grew in popularity and saw the replacement of the original analogue landline technology.

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How To Arm Yourself Against "Human Hacking"

Posted by Richard Taberner on 14 March 2019


With our numerous technological advancements – AI in the home, always-on devices in our pockets, the cloud storing data in perpetuity – we are facing more challenges than ever before when it comes to cyber-security.

Individuals constantly try to protect themselves and their information from possible hacking, but in response, hackers have become more sophisticated. Passwords are being breached, identities stolen and businesses are falling victim to massive leaks, no matter their size. How does this happen? It’s not just a hacker’s algorithm that poses a threat to your data.

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The Top 5 Technology Trends of 2019

Posted by Richard Taberner on 09 January 2019


2019 promises to be revolutionary when it comes to technology and business. AI, Blockchain, autonomous things, digital ethics, and quantum computing are just some of the topics that the world will be watching closely this year. What does this mean for your business?

We’ve selected the top 5 technology trends for 2019, and we offer some tips about how to understand these trends and get a plan in place to leverage them for your business.


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Making Social Media Work For Your Business

Posted by Richard Taberner on 06 November 2018


More companies than ever are using social media as a key strand of their customer service offer and it’s no wonder, given how social media plays an ever-growing role in our daily lives. Last year, the total number of social media users in the UK reached over 39 million, with estimates going up to 42 million users this year.

The average person in the UK has five social media accounts and spends around one and a half hours browsing their social networks every day, which adds up to 28% of their total time spent on the Internet. It’s unavoidable that many new customers will first encounter your business through their phones when swiping on their socials; mobile phones are the top method of social media engagement worldwide.



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All about IT Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Richard Taberner on 23 August 2018


IT Automation is key to IT optimisation and digital transformation. With our Managed Endpoint Automation service, we are harnessing the benefits of IT automation for our customers – but what does IT automation involve exactly?

What is IT automation?

IT Automation prepares a process that automatically repeats itself to perform a function – previously, this function will have been manually performed by an IT professional.  This process incorporates a blend of hardware and software to do a task which does not necessarily need human intervention.  IT automation processes can perform from a single function or multiple actions, depending on the requirement.

In theory, IT automation can be applied to any IT task that is currently managed by a human IT manager, such as system auditing, monitoring, or patching.

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5 Business Podcasts Worth Listening To

Posted by Richard Taberner on 19 July 2018

In this digital age, business owners can get inspiration and advice from anywhere in the world. If you have a long commute, or you’re one of those business owners who loves thinking business, even in your downtime, podcasts are a great way to keep up with business trends and economic shifts happening on a global scale.  They’re also a great way for business owners to learn that they’re not alone with the challenges they face.

It’s a testament to the mobility and accessibility of podcasts that 75 million people tune into them every month. With consumption growing by 25% year-on-year, that audience is getting even bigger. Many tech companies have launched their own podcast programs as marketing tools –  unsurprising since all they really need is a good microphone and a solid Internet connection to get started. Why not take advantage of all this free, business-focused content? Let’s run down the most informative and entertaining business podcasts currently worth listening to:

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Choosing the right hardware and software

Posted by Richard Taberner on 21 June 2018

Over the past 20 years, technology has become much more accessible and affordable.  In all industries, business operations can rarely run without either PCs, laptops, smartphones and the associated software, or some combination of all. IT hardware is no longer exclusive to big corporations and companies. A solid hardware infrastructure and an up to date software strategy are crucial to ensuring a competitive advantage, no matter the size of your business.

The hardware landscape is shifting however. According to Wired Magazine, with the rise of smartphones and tablets, PCs are no longer the dominant business tool they once were. Businesses can utilise cloud computing services from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft for example, to build the systems they need without buying hardware.

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The Benefits of a Circular Economy

Posted by Richard Taberner on 17 May 2018
  • Producing a new smartphone takes as much energy as recharging and operating a smartphone for an entire decade.

How can our economy run in the long term when it is dependent on taking a material out of the ground, making something out of it and ultimately throwing it away? There has to be a better way.

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What's the best way to manage your passwords?

Posted by Richard Taberner on 19 April 2018


Password management best practice

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal and the 87 million accounts affected by privacy violation have made data privacy and cyber security headline news around the world.  For all the users affected, the first step to securing their personal information is to change their passwords immediately.

For a business, secure password management and password best practice is essential. Passwords can protect your website, software programs and business networks. Passwords keep your business safe from unauthorised entry by ex-employees, curious intruders and, of course, hackers.

So how often should you change passwords? Should you always use a different password for every system and site? How complicated do passwords need to be?  Should you use a password manager? And how important is multi-factor authentication? 

We offer some tips to ensuring password management best practice for your business.


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