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Important Security Information for BTA Clients

We have noticed an increase in the number of IT security breaches lately, particularly in companies being hit by ransomware attacks like CryptoLocker. [See related BBC..

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Build Your Own App

You no longer have to be an IT geek, trained programmer or tech engineer to create an app—and by app, we mean a real app that you could buy… one that other people could..

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Where Is Cloud Data Actually Stored?

With the rise in popularity of cloud-based applications and data storage, you may be wondering where and how information is actually stored. Or you may be wondering what..

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The Top 9 Most Hilarious Tech Ads From Decades Past

Technology has come a long way in recent decades, and it would appear advertising has too.  IT companies, hardware manufacturers, electronics corporations, computer..

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Survey Finds IT Leaders Think Their Departments are 4 Years Behind

The IT department of a company is in many ways like its heart. All other areas of the organisation depend on it for vital everyday functioning.  But in recent years, IT..

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Why You Should Be Excited About 5G

The first 1G system was introduced by Nordic Mobile Telephone in 1982, using phones that cost around £2,000, and weighed approximately 5kg. Lucky for us, we have come a..

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