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9 Tech Start-ups To Watch This Autumn

IT provider London Start ups.jpgWhen it comes to start-up technology companies, particularly those in the business IT space, we are always watching.  Some of these companies may become BTA partners with innovative products that help our clients, so we have a vested interest in knowing which start-ups are making waves.

Here are 9 of the tech companies we will keep an eye on this autumn (and why).


Docker popularised the idea of containers, an open-source technology that enables easier management of applications, regardless of environment. This helps developers bring applications to market significantly quicker and with less hassle.

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Anaplan specialises in enterprise resource planning software (ERP), and is one of the few UK-founded start-ups we are watching. Even though it is now based out of San Francisco, it still runs its research and development from York in the north of England.

Anaplan is doing for ERP what the likes of did for CRM. By going cloud only and utilising in-memory storage and compute power Anaplan allows teams within companies to run very large models with multiple log-ins.

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MariaDB is growing fast in the relational (SQL) database market (reaching 12 million users last year) as it looks to challenge the big three vendors of Microsoft, Oracle and MySQL. Gartner says MariaDB is the best-placed open source challenger to Oracle and Microsoft in its Magic Quadrant for operational database management systems.

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Couchbase is helping companies adapt to the rise of big data and the subsequent need for faster, more sophisticated databases. Couchbase is looking to bring a high-powered open source solution to the enterprise by making it easy for digital economy businesses to switch from traditional, relational databases to NoSQL.

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With enterprises using increasingly cloud-based and sprawling networks there is an opportunity for someone to develop security software to match. Illumio is one of a number of security start-ups trying to do just this, but what sets it apart, is having Microsoft Chairman and security expert John Thompson on the board!

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Another security-focused start-up making waves is Centrify, which focuses on minimising the risk of security breaches from compromised credentials, and offers secure single-sign on for employees. Centrify already has huge clients like HSBC and Boeing.

Check out Centrify >>


Server-automation software maker Puppet offers enterprise customers the means to deliver, monitor and secure all of their software and infrastructure on a single platform. The start-up includes CERN, Staples and HP as customers.

Check out Puppet >>


Another DevOps startup, Chef is a Seattle based IT automation firm which helps enterprise customers automate the way the build, manage and monitor their computing infrastructure.

Check out Chef >>


MarkLogic, a database vendor firm from Silicon Valley specialises in offering a new way to organise  databases so that organisations can make sense of their various data streams. Clients have already been raving about the service, from BBC iPlayer to JP Morgan.

Check out MarkLogic >>


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Peter Filitz

Written by Peter Filitz

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