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4 Ways Cloud Computing Can Save You Money

For those entrusted with managing or leading a business, cutting costs and saving on unnecessary expenditure is at the forefront of the decision-making process. No matter the scale of the operation, ensuring that both time and money are invested productively is crucial to the success of any organisation.

In the ever-changing world of technology, certain techniques for saving on cost have been developed; few of which have been as impactful as the Cloud.

With the right strategy, the Cloud can be an exceptional enabler of Cloud cost reduction, here's how:

1. Flexibility and Scalability


Businesses using the Cloud ensure they don’t have to pay for any hardware for storage purposes, which can, as companies grow, quickly become very costly. With the Cloud they can effectively eliminate the need for on-premises storage; in the Cloud, the storage they do employ is both scalable and flexible, meaning however big or small the requirement, they won’t be paying for storage they don’t need.


2. Hardware Costs

An expense for any business, hardware is essential to the way an organisation functions. However, by harnessing the utility of the Cloud, cost reduction on your hardware is significantly increased. Saved files are no longer tied exclusively to a single device, meaning multiple devices, or employees, can access files or folders from anywhere; and if a company has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, there’s no need for a company to source its own hardware whatsoever.

On a grander scale, you’ll save cost on your overarching infrastructure, as your Cloud services will be managed by the Cloud provider. If you opt to employ a Remote Desktop Solution – such as CMI’s BigCloud - you also provide a single working environment for all users to access through any compatible device, via any connection.


3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Budgets are an integral component of any business. Managing budgets can be laborious, costly and unnecessarily complex. However, by employing Software as a Service (SaaS), you no longer need to purchase new, more capable software in order to manage your budgets. SaaS packages, such as Microsoft 365, include all the renowned office software to fulfil your business’ needs, with payments that are rigid, recurring and predictable. With costs occurring on a per user, per month basis, you have a manageable monthly cost for an always-updated software suite.


4. Maintenance Costs

All costs surrounding maintenance are consequently depleted with the adoption of Cloud computing. This is for one simple reason: they’re all handled by the Cloud provider. Your IT team will now have far more bandwidth to focus on more time-sensitive, or critical, issues your teams may be facing. And, if you don’t have an IT team, you now have even less reason to purchase and pay for one.

Strive for Cloud cost reduction, migrate your legacy data with ease and save money on hardware, licensing and infrastructure. CMI's BigCloud solution is the fastest, most cost-efficient way to migrate your users to a fully featured Cloud environment - with all management and maintenance handled by us.

For more information on how CMI’s BigCloud solution can help your business save on cost, read through our BigCloud IFA eBook, here.


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Graham Stead

Written by Graham Stead

Graham joined CMI following the acquisition of his previous business in 2016, having successfully run that for business for 20 years. Graham's absolute focus is on making sure that we consistently hold our clients central to everything that we do, and is often heard repeating our mantra "we exist to make a significant positive impact on our clients business". Graham and his team work closely with our clients to educate, inform, and ultimately to provide technology that delivers that positive impact. Outside of the office, he is a huge supporter of Bone Cancer Research Trust and has raised over £130,000 for them in recent years.

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