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Everything You Should Know About the New Windows 11


Microsoft is always improving on its product. And with their software being a full-time contributor to most businesses’ productivity, any new operating system from them will cause a stir in the tech community. Recently, Microsoft released a preview of Windows 11 for a select group of insiders. The new Windows 11 is their next major operating system, intended by Microsoft to inspire productivity and creativity. Here are some of the key changes and what they’ll mean for a business like yours.


The Key Changes

A simpler and sleeker look

The square and boxy feel of previous Windows have been redesigned for a simpler more modern interface. Taking a leaf out of Apple’s book perhaps?

Start and taskbar

Click Start and instead of the usual spread of apps and tiles, it will only show recommended and pinned apps. Your other apps are of course still there, but they’ll need one more step to access. With the taskbar, you’ll now find it aligned to the centre – as opposed to the left. Thankfully, you can easily move it when needed.

Snap Layouts

As with Windows 10, Windows 11 lets you snap windows to different sides of the screen so you can organise your layouts. The difference here is now you can preview layouts before committing to them. Also, with Snap Groups, you can group together certain windows and apps. This can be handy if you’re say, working on a certain project across multiple windows and want to quickly restore your last view after being side-tracked from your task.

Docking problems solved

Similarly, when docking with multi-monitors, you can disconnect from the docking station, and ensure that any open windows previously on the monitors switch over to your laptop’s screen. Then simply re-dock and you’ll restore to their previous state.


What this means for business

Windows 11

An adaptation to remote work

As with many businesses, the pandemic inspired Microsoft to innovate and adapt their product to a remote workforce. The new Windows 11 uses less energy. This increases the battery life and makes it the ideal operating system for working on the move. The new ease of switching between virtual desktops means that employees can separate their work and home computer activity more easily.

A boost to collaboration

Windows 11 will have Microsoft Teams built directly into it. Now users can access Teams with a single click on the taskbar. This means organisations communicate and collaborate more swiftly than before.

A boost to productivity

The improved Snap Layouts and Snap Groups mean that users won’t be stressing and wasting time over recalling their preferred layouts. Microsoft is also claiming that their boot times will be faster, again, relieving the stress and time pressure on employee focus.


The new Windows 11 operating system is still a few months from release, and no doubt there will be further benefits that only show themselves then. Microsoft has been successfully building workplaces of the future for decades. So if your business isn’t taking advantage of its tools, it’s likely there’s some untapped potential available within their offerings. Click below if you would like to speak to a Microsoft expert and take advantage of everything Microsoft has to offer.


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Graham Stead

Written by Graham Stead

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