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Free Tool Connectify Turns Your PC into a Wifi Hotspot

We have all had moments where we desperately need a WiFi connection but don't have access to one. The good news is if you have a PC with a wireless card, you can take advantage of Connectify to turn your PC into a WiFi repeater, effectively extending your hotspot’s signal. 

A virtual router, like the one which Connectify provides, offers several benefits that your ordinary router probably won't. Here are a few ways Connectify is likely to impress your team:

Extend Your WiFi Signal: If your PC is located some distance from the router, you might experience connectivity issues. Connectify fixes this issue by extending your WiFi signal using your device as a WiFi repeater. Connectify’s virtual router makes it easier than ever to access a WiFi connection, especially when at a distance.

A Wireless Signal Without the Wires: Even though you are using a wireless signal, you might notice that the WiFi router still has to be plugged into the wall. Thankfully, you can use a virtual router to extend the signal without wires. Since the mobile device is technically repeating the signal, you will truly have wireless internet.

Multiple Device Connectivity: A virtual router comes with all of the bells and whistles that a normal router comes with, including the ability to connect to multiple devices. With enough flexibility to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-reader, or any other mobile device, a virtual router will undoubtedly help you get more work done.

Travel Savings: Your business travel may take you across the country, Europe or even world, complete with often typical poor hotel WiFi connectivity. Some hotels even charge extra for the privilege of using their WiFi. If you use Connectify, you can avoid the extra charges and save on business expenses next time you travel.

A tool like Connectify offers all of these features for free. If you want to access additional helpful features from Connectify, you can upgrade to their PRO and MAX plans for a minimal fee. To learn more about Connectify, check out their promotional video.

To get started with the free version of Connectify, you can download the software here.

With so many great tools like Connectify availalbe these days, you can greatly increase the efficiency and connectivity of your WiFi signal for both work, and pleasure. Have you ever considered using a virtual router tool like this one before? How about any other services that can improve the way you access the Internet? Let us know in the comments.  Or for more infomration on WiFi networks and device connectivity, please give BTA a call today.


Scott Bartlett

Written by Scott Bartlett

Scott is BTA's founding partner and resident IT Networking Wizard.

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