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How Will 5G Affect Your Business?


The emergence of 5G has been on the technological agenda for most of the last decade. There have been initial tests worldwide, and it is only a matter of time before 5G is fully deployed in the UK. All major UK operators will have launched 5G networks by the end of this year.

5G has the potential to make cable and DSL obsolete. Many believe that 5G can help double the broadband speeds many customers see today. It’s also much cheaper and easier to deploy. So what are the barriers to universal adoption, and if universal 5G does become a reality, how will it affect your business?

What’s stopping us?

Like 3G and 4G, the 5G network could be exposed to some form of data hacking. This means that carriers have a big job on their hands. They'll need to incorporate robust endpoint security standards to handle issues like malware identification and removal.

They will also need to create firewalls as well as monitor DNS activities. If the security is not top-notch, some people might be skeptical or reluctant about adopting this new technology.

Other barriers to adoption come in the form of legislative and technical issues in the UK. More collaboration is required between the major operators, to make sure the UK achieve their ambition of becoming a global leader in the use of 5G.

How 5G can benefit your business

1. Faster speed means more business actions can be carried out in less time

There are projections that data transfer speeds will be about ten times higher with 5G. This is in comparison to what is obtainable with 3G or 4G. 5G may offer speeds as fast as 10 GB/s. This means faster transmission of larger files such as images and videos. Downloading a high definition file takes about 10 minutes over a 4G network. Experts project that the 5G network should be able to achieve the same result in less than 10 seconds.

Creative industries, such as the media sector for instance, will benefit greatly from this. Increased data speeds can also support IoT, which could benefit your business if IoT is fundamental to your services.

2. Lower Latency Will Bring an End to Glitches and Delays

5G is expected to have much lower latency. That means much less delay and lag when using the network. Latency is around 40-50 seconds on 4G networks – with 5G it should be one millisecond or less! This means that when you transfer a file to your clients, it should get to them in a split second. Feedback would also be smooth and immediate. This would bring a great deal of agility into your business’ workflow.

3. Increased connectivity takes care of communication challenges

Mobile network towers with 5G technology should have increased capacity compared to 4G. More people and more devices would be able to communicate at the same time – conference calls, telephone, and Skype interviews are some of the things that would improve your business connectivity. 5G will make it much easier for you to connect to your clients or employees, regardless of their location.

4. Network slicing will work well with your business

With network slicing – a form of virtual network architecture that allows multiple virtual networks to be created on top of a common shared physical infrastructure – businesses can own their private 5G network. This will support a multitude of services that place different requirements on the network in terms of functionality and performance. In this environment, it is also possible go to assign only the resources necessary for each application.

5G has the potential to make your business processes much easier. The impact of the 5G network could be huge and wireless connectivity will be revolutionised once mass adoption takes place in the next few years. If you want advice about preparing for these advancements, or just want advice on your network and Internet, please contact us today.

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Written by Richard Taberner

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