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Important Security Information for BTA Clients

important-security-info-it-provider-london-msp-it-company.jpgWe have noticed an increase in the number of IT security breaches lately, particularly in companies being hit by ransomware attacks like CryptoLocker. [See related BBC article here.]

There are a number of measures businesses can take to protect themselves – through Email and Web security services such as Mimecast and OpenDNS, as well as best practices both for networks (good firewalls, edge security, VPNs for remote users, etc) and users.

If you are concerned about IT security breaches, please get in touch today. We will review what you have in place and what can be done to strengthen your IT security.

In the meantime, please remind users of the following best practices to minimise any accidental security breaches.

1)  Software: Do not install unauthorised software on company computers.  Even if you are a well-meaning employee who is trying to get work done faster, you may download software or applications to help that exposes your company to hackers and malware via vulnerabilities in the software. Please check first if you are unsure.

2)  Company Password:  Make sure this is complex and is changed frequently. Do not share passwords with co-workers and make sure you do not use this password for any personal accounts.

3)  Email: Do not open unexpected attachments even if you know and trust the source! If you are unsure contact the source and verify. Also, NEVER blindly trust what links appear in your email mailbox, even if it appears to come from a legitimate source.

4)  Web Links: Don't click on questionable links or visit questionable sites.

5)  Personal Email: If you absolutely have to check personal email during working hours, it is safer to do it on your mobile to prevent attacks hitting  your corporate network.

We are unable to guarantee that any business is 100% safe from ransomware and cyber attacks, but with the right software and best practices, we are able to greatly reduce the chances of it happening.

Please give us a call on 020 8875 7676 if you would like to discuss security options for your business.



About BTA

BTA is full-suite IT services provider specialising comprehensive ongoing support for companies in London and across the UK.  From network security to cloud solutions, BTA can help your business gain a competitive edge through effective IT.  Learn more at www.bta.com or by calling 020 8875 7676 today.


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Scott Bartlett

Written by Scott Bartlett

Scott is BTA's founding partner and resident IT Networking Wizard.

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