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IT Automation is key to IT optimisation and digital transformation. With our Managed Endpoint Automation service, we are harnessing the benefits of IT automation for our customers – but what does IT automation involve exactly?

What is IT automation?

IT Automation prepares a process that automatically repeats itself to perform a function – previously, this function will have been manually performed by an IT professional.  This process incorporates a blend of hardware and software to do a task which does not necessarily need human intervention.  IT automation processes can perform from a single function or multiple actions, depending on the requirement.

In theory, IT automation can be applied to any IT task that is currently managed by a human IT manager, such as system auditing, monitoring, or patching.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept that machines are able to carry out tasks within this process, in a way that we would consider “smart”. Non-human intervention tasks are performed via AI machines that perform the same business functions as human.  Robots are examples of AI machines. The most complex types of robots are created to recognise speech or wield weaponry, but in essence, a robot’s function is to learn and solve problems and perform specific tasks. We affectionately call our Managed Endpoint Automation service Bertie the BTA Robot, because our proactive IT management anticipates issues and proactively monitors systems in order to solve them.

How will AI and IT automation impact IT teams in businesses?

The good news is, IT automation will eliminate the most mundane tasks for IT teams, freeing IT professionals from administrative work, and making them therefore able to solve more complex issues, and think more strategically in general to positively impact business development.  On the other side of the coin, some fear that IT automation may one day render IT professionals redundant.   

It has become increasingly clear that there are functions that cannot be replaced by AI and IT automation, despite the business relevance, cost-effectiveness or other ‘advantages’ they may have over humans.   Like robots, machines and software that use AI and IT automation perform a one-way function in line with how they are programmed.  They do not have the capacity to take care of other needs, outside of their programming; they follow a consistent, unbendable protocol. It’s down to IT professionals to set the framework that ensures their IT automation is integrating with their systems, their team and deliverables in the best way. 

Teamwork is also another factor that cannot be replaced by machines. Developers and operations experts will still collaborate to build the highly complex applications the market needs, just like IT teams will need to work together to implement them. 

In medium to large businesses, an IT manager's or project manager’s role will be irreplaceable – they will be the person who manages the stakeholders and decides on the best automation tools to fit with business development and strategy, and they will ultimately have more time to define what’s needed, once the majority of their day-to-day IT tasks are automated. As IT automation becomes more commonplace in business therefore, it will be less about roles being made redundant, and actually more about roles becoming of higher value. Machines will take over repetitive administrative tasks, freeing up humans to focus on brainstorming and strategy around their IT in a way they may not have been able to before.

IT automation is a useful resource that is already positively impacting most businesses in concrete ways they may take for granted, such as reporting, forecasting and monitoring, and as it evolves further, it will keep on changing the way businesses grow and scale.

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Richard Taberner

Written by Richard Taberner

Richard Taberner is Managing Director at BTA Ltd. With 30 years of experience advising and servicing businesses in London and beyond, Richard believes that outsourcing IT doesn't need to be expensive or painful. Whether a client wishes to manage costs or free internal resource through outsourcing, Richard strives to ensure a smooth and reliable service for every client at BTA.

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