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Become a Presentation Pro: 5 Tips for PowerPoint 2016

powerpoint 2016 tips from it experts it company london bta.pngEven with all the amazing technology of recent years, most of us still find ourselves having to press the little letters on our keyboard to write manuals, proposals and other business documents. And it is boring—boring for us, and boring for all the people that have to read these text-heavy documents. So instead of writing that boring document that only a few people will want to read, why not create an exceptional presentation that lots of people will want to see?

Here are our top 5 tips for using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 to create that perfect business presentation.

Embed Web Video

If there is a decent Internet connection when your presentation is viewed, you can spice up your slides with video from sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Simply open the video you want to use in your browser and copy its embed code (this differs from site to site, but shouldn't be too hard to find). Select it all and copy it to your clipboard.

Then go back to PowerPoint and draw a box where you would like the video to be. Go to Insert > Video > Online Video, and paste your embed code in the appropriate box. You can resize the box as needed, and even apply animations and other effects.

Record Screen Videos

PowerPoint's screen recording tool is probably our favourite on this list. You can find it on the right-hand side of the Insert ribbon, and you can use it to record what you are doing on screen in the form of a live video. After you click Screen Recording in the Insert ribbon, you will see a little window pop up that allows you to select what part of the screen you want to record.  Then just click Record and do your demonstration! The video will then appear on your open PowerPoint slide.

Random Text

Often it is easier to come up with the design of the slides, order, pics, charts and graphs before you know what the words should be. Luckily, PowerPoint has a built-in tool to help you create placeholder text.

Just click inside a text box, type =rand(), then hit [Enter] to generate a passage of text, or use =lorem() to bring up some standard 'lorem ipsum' filler. You can also input a number within the brackets to determine just how many paragraphs you want to show.

Present Online

If you want to give a live presentation but not everyone can attend, try the Present Online feature. It uses a free Microsoft server to host your presentation—no special setup required. You get a link that you can share with your audience so they can watch the show through their web browsers.

Just go to File > Share > Present Online > Present Online. A link will appear. Copy that link and send it to your audience members via text message or email. Wait for them to get it, and then click the Start Presentation button in the dialog box that appears to get the show started.

Bing Insights

This is an enhancement of Smart Lookup from PowerPoint 2013. It is driven by Bing Snapshot, Wikipedia, Oxford Dictionary and Bing’s image search. It allows you to look up information and images relating to key terms in your presentation. You can also find definitions, synonyms, word origins and grammar options. To use it, simply select a word or phrase from one of your slides. Right click and choose Smart Lookup. Scroll through the panel to see all the results. 


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