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6 Reasons Your Network Infrastructure Needs an Upgrade

IT_provider_london_network_upgrade_time.pngIf your businesses is relying on older network hardware, it is probably time for an upgrade.

Network traffic is only going to increase, and quickly. It is expected that network traffic will triple from last year’s levels by the year 2019. And with the increasing number of videos and devices coming online, it is no wonder. In three years, we will have 11.5 billion devices online (which is 1.5 times the predicted world population). But in case that isn’t enough to convince you, here are 5 more reasons you should call your trusted IT provider to replace your aging network infrastructure.

1.  Your network is 11x slower than it could be.

Older networks weren’t built to support the technology demands of today’s workforce. Modern converged wired and wireless technology allows you to work everywhere—at record speed.  For example there are now wireless access points that can deliver theoretical speeds of up to 6.9 Gbps. That’s 11.5 times faster than the previous generation (802.11n)!  And with Cisco Catalyst Multigigabit technology for example, you will be able to get speeds beyond 1 Gb on existing Cat5e cables (and likely save money).

2.  Your employees need more time.

The modern workforce expects a work-from-anywhere environment, but mobile solutions and cloud-based business applications can overwhelm an older infrastructure. Upgrading to a modernised network can make a real difference to productivity.

3.  You suffer from “I-think-it-is-good-enough security”.

Threats to your network are more sophisticated and targeted than ever before. The older your infrastructure, the more vulnerable you become. With a Cisco network, intelligent sensors and enforcers are embedded into your switches, routers, and wireless solutions, giving you enhanced context and visibility. Everywhere.

4.  Your IT Manager is spending most of their time maintaining.

Introducing new technology puts an increased strain on older infrastructures that then require more and more attention. Your business can’t grow, let alone innovate, if your IT manager is forced to spend most of his / her time and resources on managing and troubleshooting your network. Moving to a more modern infrastructure will dramatically simplify network deployments, operations and management for your IT manager.

5.  You have application fears.

One of the most critical reasons for upgrading your network is to support everything your business needs to give it a competitive edge, from hybrid cloud computing to powerful sector-specific applications. There are dozens of powerful tools and computing environments that could likely help your business, if only they had a robust enough network to run on. Don’t avoid helpful applications for fear of them crashing your network. Just upgrade your network infrastructure!


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Ben Anin-Boateng

Written by Ben Anin-Boateng

Ben is BTA's Technical Services Manager.

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