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Top 5 Security Issues SMEs Should Know About

You probably have an alarm system for your home (or at least a very good lock and a very loud dog), because you know burglars are constantly lurking.  But it is doubtful you have the right cyber security protection for your business, or even consider cybercrime a real threat.

Cybercriminals are constantly lurking just like your local burglar.  And the shocking reality is that cybercrime is costing SMEs around one-third of their revenue. According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Information Security Breaches Survey 2014, 60% of SMEs suffered an online security breach that took them 7 -10 days return to fully operational. As the Guardian said in its recent article on cybercrime, “As cybercriminals become more voracious and organised, SMEs simply cannot afford to take their eyes off the ball in the coming years.”

So what are the main risks?

1. You

Most SMEs don’t believe that they need to bother with cyber security because they think they are too small for cybercriminals to care about. Case in point: government-run Cyber Streetwise campaign found that 22% of SMEs didn’t think that the hackers bothered with small businesses. Worse yet, 66% believed their business was not at risk, when in fact, SMEs are at the top of the list of valuable cybercrime targets.  Cybercrime costs are estimated at between £65,000 and £115,000 per incident.

2. Budget

There is typically a notable price tag associated with the installation of a first-rate security system, and this prevents some SME owners from moving ahead with one. The cost is often over-estimated however and these days there are lots of good options.

3. Employees

Most SMEs are beyond busy, and things like ensuring everyone understands the IT security policy is not high on the list of things to do. Employees rarely understand why they need to obey certain rules or the potential risks involved. Research shows that around 70% of companies experience this problem.

4. Impersonation

As of December 2014 there had been 11.4m fraud attempts through impersonation or “spoof” attacks in the UK. Mobile device spoofing, where hackers imitate another device, is on the rise and these types of attack are a significant threat to business.

5. An Inside Job

Recently one of the biggest threats to SMEs has been identified as the trusted employee who has handed hackers the information they need to get past security and into the data. It’s crucial for SMEs to be aware of who has the protocols and access to the system, and be absolutely sure that they can be trusted. Bizarrely, it is these trusted individuals that are likely to put your business most at risk.



About BTA

We are London based IT solutions provider that can help ensure that your business does not fall victim to cybercrime.  Our specialist software from Eset and Mimecast and Deslock offer protection suiting a variety of budgets, and our 20 years of experience will ensure that you are not left exposed in any area.  Many IT providers and IT solutions experts simply re-sell software they don’t know much about.  Our certified technicians are experts in the latest technology—technology that could save your business thousands.  Call us today to get free consultation from a leading London IT provider, or more information on cybersecurity IT solutions. 020 8875 7676


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