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Machine Learning is About to Change Everything

Managed_service_providers_it_providers_london_machine_learning.pngArtificial intelligence exists all around us in subtle ways, embedded in our daily activities thanks to the rise of machine learning.

What is machine learning? You see it almost daily—when Facebook suggests people you may want to be friends with, when Netflix suggests a new TV series you might like, and when Amazon recommends a book.  Each of these examples are instances of machine learning, a statistical method that finds patterns and makes predictions based on vast volumes of data.

Larger organisations across the globe are excited about machine learning and are actively pursuing ways to capitalise on all the data they capture. In fact, a recent survey found that more than 75% of companies are currently investing or planning to invest in big data initiatives over the next two years.

Machine learning starts with big data. In order for the machine to learn patterns and make predictions, it needs to study you—and for that, a lot of data is required.  As such, in equation format, you could say: machine learning = big data + automated advanced data analytics.

Big Data Needs Machine Learning

Machine learning is a fundamental tool in fostering the ability to sense and react to dynamic phenomena. The number of variables and factors that can be taken into consideration by this methodology is unlimited.

Whereas traditional analytics tools are limited by data volume and the need for human interaction to specify program execution, machine learning offers the scale, speed and accuracy needed to truly uncover the full value of big data.

High-performance machine learning can analyse all of a big dataset rather than extrapolate against a sample of it. This scalability not only allows predictive solutions to be more accurate, it also illustrates the importance of software speed to interpret billions of data points in real-time and to analyse live streaming data.

Also, unlike traditional analysis, machine learning thrives on growing datasets. The more data fed into the system, the more it can learn and apply the results to higher quality insights.

The Future

The ultimate future scenario (and not too far into the future) is when machine learning can accurately guide forward-looking business decisions and reveal patterns never before seen. It is this promise of delivering accurate, actionable, predictive information that will change the way business decisions are made. Those MBA programmes once seen as a rite-of-passage for the serious professional, will be replaced by Big Data Analytics programmes.  This is where we think the best brains in business will soon be headed – off to learn about how machine learning can be used to analyse our behaviour and help us live happier, higher quality lives. Maybe this is where you are headed?

About BTA

BTA has its own version of AI – Bertie the BTA Robot. Bertie automatically installs updates and patches applications, across hundreds of machines and many sites, saving man hours and budgets. Bertie doesn’t “analyse” like machine learning, but rather does exactly what our best and brightest engineers tell him to do. He is an exceptional executor and never gets it wrong. He knows exactly what kind of machine you are on, when you will be offline and what version of the update you need.  Bertie is the type of AI that only the top IT service providers use to make sure their clients are getting the best service and the most value for money. Learn more about Bertie and exceptional IT services in London by visiting

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