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How to Use Microsoft 365 as Productively as Possible


Combining a wealth of familiar apps and collating them under a single software suite, it’s no wonder Microsoft 365 is the industry leader in office software. For a..

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What is Zero Trust Security – and Do You Need It?


There’s no such thing as too secure – not when your business, your users and your clients are at risk. In a year that saw our working and online lives unavoidably..

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What is a SOC – and Why Does Your Business Need One?


‘It’s not a case of if, but when…’ It’s a phrase quoted regularly by cybersecurity experts to confirm the possibility of a cyber-attack on organisations, and while..

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What You Should Know About the Windows 10X Release


This Spring, Microsoft is launching a new operating system, Windows 10x. Upon its launch, it will only run on low cost, low end devices. However, the long-term goal..

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Why Every Modern Workplace Needs Cyber Security Training


Your employees are your first and your weakest line of defence. Cyber criminals know this, hence why they’re always targeting businesses with phishing emails. To..

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A Modern Workplace Means Modern Types of Phishing. Know Them to Avoid Them


Phishing attacks are becoming more and more popular. This means cyber security has never been more important. To quickly recap, phishing is the use of a fake..

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