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Protect Against 80% of Threats With Cyber Essentials Certification

cyber-essentials-badge-high-res.jpg.pngAccording to the government, nearly half of UK businesses suffered a cyber-attack last year. Cyber threats are affecting businesses of all sectors and sizes, reducing productivity and costing millions. And it is a problem that is getting worse, not better.

This is why the government has introduced a certification scheme that requires baseline IT safety mechanisms to be set up across 5 key control areas. Developed as part of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, the Cyber Essentials scheme ensures protection against approximately 80% of internet-borne threats. The scheme is accredited by CREST, and engaged by CESG, the information security arm of GCHQ.

BTA now offers a hassle-free way for companies to implement the necessary controls and achieve certification. A BTA consultant will do a thorough review of your organisation’s current cyber security mechanisms, run extensive vulnerability scans and address any missing elements.

By introducing the security controls required by the scheme, your business will attain the 80% protection level. BTA will manage the process from start to finish and ensure Cyber Essentials certification.

The benefits of certification go beyond preventing cyber-attacks.  Business insurers are now requiring cyber security measures are disclosed, with higher premiums for those who are not Cyber Essentials certified. Government contracts now require that bidders carry the Cyber Essentials badge.  And customers, suppliers and investors are increasingly looking for the government-backed certification.

Richard Taberner, Managing Director of BTA, commented: “Cyber threats are one of the most concerning elements of business security today. Cyber Essentials certification is a fundamental step for all organisations serious about protecting themselves and demonstrating to stakeholders that they are taking this matter seriously.”

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 reveals nearly seven in ten large businesses identified a breach or attack last year, with the average cost being £20,000 (but in some cases reaching millions). The survey also shows businesses holding electronic personal data on customers were much more likely to suffer cyber breaches than those that do not (51% compared to 37%).

The most common breaches or attacks were via fraudulent emails—for example coaxing staff into revealing passwords or financial information, followed by viruses and malware, which include the impersonating the organisation online and ransomware.

Critically, the vast majority of these breaches could have been prevented using the Cyber Essentials scheme.

There are two levels of Cyber Essentials certification available to your organisation: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. The Cyber Essentials Plus certification requires additional internal vulnerability tests and on-site assessments.  BTA offers both and will provide free advice on which is most appropriate for your organisation.


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BTA is a leading Managed Service Provider offering comprehensive IT services ranging from cyber security to network design and implementation.  As one of the most established IT companies in London, BTA provides businesses with honest, expert advice gained from over 20 years of experience. For more information call 020 8875 7676 today.


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