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How Can You Protect Your Business from Data Breaches?


DWM-Main2Data breaches and Cyber Security should be big concerns for business owners. A hacked system is more than just a hassle. With the potential to destroy your company’s network, halt business processes and put your customer transactions in jeopardy, a data breach can be potentially fatal for any business.

The recent Marriott breach, and the similar Quora breach a week later, reminded the world how crucial it is to protect your data, and demonstrated that even large businesses can fall victim to the increasingly sophisticated techniques hackers use.

During the attacks, over 600 million details were stolen, including personal information such as addresses, names, phone numbers, credit card numbers, travel locations, passport numbers, and so much more. Once such details are compromised, they are at risk of being sold to the highest bidder on the Dark Web.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a part of the World Wide Web that is accessible by using special software, allowing website operators and users to remain untraceable and anonymous. Because of its existence in the shadows, the Dark Web hosts many critical marketplaces for unlawful activities and criminal organisations worldwide.

As a result, the Dark Web constitutes formidable challenges for security agencies globally.  On the Dark Web, it is possible to buy and sell data anonymously, and hackers take advantage of this to sell stolen data to criminals. Although this sounds like a murky underworld – or something that will only affect huge corporations that are targeted due to their large volume of data – cyber attacks against SMEs are much more common than you think. Ransomware is expected to attack a business every 14 seconds by the end of 2019 and, according to Forrester research, two-thirds of organisations had an average of five or more breaches in the past two years.

The risks to your business

Reduced competitiveness

Hackers target a business's private data, including pricing strategies, client lists, and trade secrets. The moment they have this data, they can destroy the competitive advantage of a company by disclosing the data to the public or giving these details to industry rivals.

Loss of reputation

A business that has worked hard to build and maintain its integrity values reputation. A data breach or cyber attack can tarnish the best of reputations. In actuality, 46% of British companies say their reputation has suffered as a result of a cyber attack.

Loss of client trust

Most customers share their personal information with businesses believing that these companies have powerful security measures to guard their data. When a breach occurs, these clients will question the reliability of these companies and understandably question whether they want to continue to engage their services.

Loss of revenue

Along with the financial impact of losing existing and potential customers, a data breach can lead to revenue losses due to downtime. The normal course of action when a data breach occurs is to halt operations until the breach is fixed. If a business doesn't operate, this leads to loss of revenue.

How we can protect you

Because of great strides in technology, your business can take quick steps to protect your data, your employees, and your customers.

CMI's Managed Dark Web Monitoring combines intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyse and proactively monitor for your organisation’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data on the Dark Web.

The fully managed service utilises Dark Web ID by ID Agent – the industry’s first commercial solution to detect your compromised credentials in real-time on the Dark Web. With CMI’s fully managed service, you can minimise future risks. We will help proactively protect your business by:

> Delivering high-level credential monitoring abilities

> Connecting to various Dark Web services like Freenet, I2P, and Tor to look for compromised credentials, without asking you to connect your systems to these high-risk services.

> Providing information about compromised credentials before data breaches or cyber attacks occur.

As a trusted ID Agent partner, we will manage the service and advise you on the right security to protect your business.

For more information about Managed Dark Web Monitoring, or any of our Security Services, contact us today.

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