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Technical Services Update: October

Each month we share the latest updates from our technical service team, relating to trends we are seeing, new software releases and the latest technology we think is worth mentioning.

Here is the update for October:

Update on Microsoft (Windows 10 & Office 2016)

As most everyone probably knows by now, Microsoft have released the new operating system ‘Windows 10’ as well as Microsoft Office 2016. At this stage, BTA is recommending to clients not to upgrade to either Windows 10 or Office 2016 until any initial bugs have been resolved.  That said, in cases where an upgrade is unavoidable, a clean install rather than an upgrade is advised. All clients who have Microsoft Office with their Office 365 subscription will be affected as any new machines, new users or additional apps that need to be set up or installed will require a clean installation of Office 2016.

Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

In true Apple style they have released a new operating system before the current one has had time to settle down. Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan is now available, however like Windows 10 & Office 2016, we recommend to clients not to upgrade for at least the first few months. Our Mac expert Dan Falzon has already identified a known issue whereby the new OS causes an issue with Outlook 2011 to “Hang or Freeze” when it is syncing mail. Microsoft have released a Knowledge Base (KB) article stating there is currently no fix after you have upgraded; read it here: (

Common Issues

We have very recently noticed a common trend with a few tickets where by a client’s emails have been spoofed requesting for financial information or the transferring of funds. The email usually looks to have come from a Managing Director or Chief Executive sent internally to a Head of Finance. Currently there is little we can do to prevent this although we have been informing clients to be vigilant and to always check with the individual verbally.  However clients with a spam filter such as Mimecast are less likely to be affected due to the robust nature of its email filtering. If you are interested in spam filters, please contact us at

That is all for now.

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Ben Anin-Boateng

Written by Ben Anin-Boateng

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