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The key to optimising efficiency with your IT partner

Effective collaboration and partnerships are vital for every business. If your relationship with your IT partner is a good one, you will feel understood, productive and efficient. Developing trust is key to ensuring that everything you need is being taken care of when you need it. This will enable you and your colleagues to spend more time focussing on your clients, and less time worrying about your IT stresses.

We’ve come up with a quick checklist for you to run through to ensure that your IT partnership is tackling your business’s needs with efficiency.

There when you need them

Have you ever been in one of those nightmare IT situations? Perhaps you’ve been waiting on a report all week that’s only just come through the night before your deadline first thing in the morning. Then, the printer breaks! When it’s 11:30pm, this situation might plunge you into despair thinking that there will be no one on hand to fix it for you.

However, there are IT support providers who reliable and consistently provide 24-hour assistance, every day on the week.

It’s just not worth the risk of not being able to deliver for your clients and colleagues on time because of technological issues. Every business needs an IT partner who are just at the end of a line, any time of day or night. With this assurance, you will find that your whole workforce can breathe a sigh of relief and continue being productive.

Remote monitoring

The best IT partners will keep an eye on your network performance and devices for you. This will allow them to not only flag up immediate concerns, but also to observe trends that might indicate future issues. Some IT partners can anticipate when your internet might be slowing down and can start implementing measures to get everything up and running as swiftly as possible, before you even know that there was a problem.

Staying ahead of the curb with your IT infrastructure will make everything run a lot smoother behind the scenes of your everyday operations.

Staying up to date

It is not unusual for businesses to overlook software updates as it can be a time-consuming process that just doesn’t feel like a priority. Sometimes there’s even a fear that updates will cause too much change and make life difficult. It’s possible to function as a business without the latest updates, and just by owning new software. However, you won’t be nearly as effective as if your IT partner integrates your new software or updates with the rest of your programs. This will allow everything to run to its optimum effectiveness. You would be right in thinking that this isn’t always a small job. Investing in an experienced IT partner will ensure that you have a team who are dedicated to keeping your business up to date and running to the best of its ability.

The right Cloud solutions

There is so much information out there about which Cloud to use, how to optimise its use, and what to use it for. It can certainly feel a bit daunting and confusing putting your trusted data in an ‘unseen’ location. Using the Cloud properly can help to gain efficiency on a lot of different levels. Not only can you eliminate mundane admin tasks, but you can also enable easy collaboration across your workforce and access to everything you need, wherever you are. To be sure that you are making the most of the Cloud for your specific business needs, enlisting the help of your IT partner will help you to avoid any mistakes or efficiency drains.


Cyber-security is one of the hottest topics of discussion in the IT world right now, particularly in light of our recent lockdown. Keeping your data secure when it is being accessed on personal iPads, work laptops and phones in multiple locations can be a real challenge. Having basic security solutions just won’t cut it anymore in this digital age where carefully disguised Phishing emails are the leading cause of attacks.

If you work with your IT partner to integrate the latest cyber-security software, you and your employees will be able to spend less time stressing about potential threats and safety, and more time on your work. Ask your IT partner if they can offer employee training sessions, inform you on best practices, and install useful tools like firewalls and two-factor authentication. This will take a bit of work from a dedicated full-time partner, but it will be worth it if it prevents even one potential security breach!

Embrace innovation

Technology is an industry that is constantly evolving. Not only are devices and software updating regularly, but also the demands of clients and users are developing as new resources become available. When assessing your business strategy, it’s worth bearing this in mind to ensure the success and sustainability of your business long term.

As more people are starting to consider the flexibility of working from home more often, technology for the workplace must keep up with this cultural shift. Do you have the right partners to help your business transition seamlessly into the new norm?


Feeling confident in your IT team’s capability to embrace cutting edge technology will ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors, and don’t get left behind. Conducting a full open-minded review of your technology will help you to analyse the risks and benefits of new advancements for your business. Having an IT partner to analyse efficiency, update digital processes and look into competitive products (such as AI solutions) for you will be the most stress-free way to ensure you are remaining an innovative and forward-thinking organisation.

Although it may seem like a difficult decision to evaluate or choose the right IT partner, it’s worth remembering that your business will benefit in the long run if you invest in the right partnership. Considering the size and level of resources that your IT partner has will be really useful in deciding if they can meet all of your needs and give you the assurance that you need.


Graham Stead

Written by Graham Stead

Graham joined CMI following the acquisition of his previous business in 2016, having successfully run that for business for 20 years. Graham's absolute focus is on making sure that we consistently hold our clients central to everything that we do, and is often heard repeating our mantra "we exist to make a significant positive impact on our clients business". Graham and his team work closely with our clients to educate, inform, and ultimately to provide technology that delivers that positive impact. Outside of the office, he is a huge supporter of Bone Cancer Research Trust and has raised over £130,000 for them in recent years.

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