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The Top 5 Business Reads


Warren Buffett, American business magnate and investor, said daily reading was the key to success:“That’s how knowledge functions. It accrues, like compound interest”.

Mark Zuckerberg reads one book a week and Bill Gates, fifty books annually. If you’re searching for novel ideas or simply a way to expand upon your personal knowledge via an education on different ways of thinking, then reading is essential, and even more important for entrepreneurs. Here are our top 5 most inspiring business reads:


Title: Success Is in Your Sphere

Author: Zvi Band

Networking is arguably the most common of business practices. However, Success Is in Your Sphere provides a counter-intuitive option: make better use of what (and who) you know. Just like existing clients result in more net income than potential consumers, Zvi Band, co-founder  and CEO of Contactually, claims that existing relationships provide more opportunity. In a post-GDPR landscape, this is a welcome alternative to LinkedIn messages or cold email campaigns using purchased data.

This book is a complete guide for how you can take advantage of your existing connections and use those relationships to attain success, via investigating, prioritising and engaging your contacts in a meaningful way.


Title: Intelligent Investor

Author: Benjamin Graham

If you’re in a position to invest in new businesses, this is your guide. Benjamin Graham, the most prominent investment advisor of the 20th century, has taught and motivated business owners and potential investors worldwide, and many of the most successful investors in the world today swear by his teachings.

Graham’s theory of 'value investing' – which protects investors from real error and shows them how to build long-term strategies – has made Intelligent Investor extremely popular ever since its first publication in 1949. It has sold over a million copies, and Fortune Magazine asserts: “If you read just one book on investing during your lifetime, make it this one”.


Title: The Creative Curve

Author: Allen Gannett

Allen Gannett, a big data entrepreneur who can name Microsoft, Marriott, Saks Fifth Avenue, Home Depot and Honda as clients, wrote The Creative Curve to oppose the general idea that only a special few are creative. Creativity has sparked some of the best business inventions of our lifetime.  

Gannett uses years of study to prove that the solution to creative success is combining innovative ideas with common ones. He also provides tools for understanding the process yourself. With stories and insights ranging from the founder of Reddit, to the Chief Content Officer of Netflix to Michelin starred chefs and Broadway, Gannett emphasises how creativity dwells within everyone, and can be just the spark you need to make your business boom.


Title: Think Like Amazon

Author: John Rossman

John Rossman, the former Amazon executive who launched and scaled Amazon Marketplace, offers some insight into how Jeff Bezos operates Amazon so successfully and encourages business owners to think: WWJD (What Would Jeff Do?). Learning new techniques is the key to success, and what better way to learn than from successful people?

Think Like Amazon explains what makes Amazon successful. Rossman indicates how you can include Amazon’s strategies and techniques into your business to achieve the impossible.


Title: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Author: Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie’s powerful, time-tested advice has helped several people to build a successful business and long-lasting relationships.

Ever since its publication in 1998, How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the most timeless and cutting-edge bestsellers of all time. This book will teach you ways to persuade people, ways to communicate with people, and ways to become a better public speaker - all essential attributes for a well-rounded business owner.


This is just a light reading list that will give you new insight into business methods and philosophies. When it comes to methods and strategies related to IT, there's no need to buy a library's worth of books – CMI can support your business. For advice on IT projects or business transformation, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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