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Top 5 Reasons Your Internet Might be Slow


Wait, wait, wait, wait. 

Your page finally loads.

“GRRRRRRRR,” you say, “Why is the internet so slow?!”

Well we are going to tell you.  Below are the top 5 reasons why your internet could be slower than it should be.

1) Where you live

Where you live has a huge impact on your broadband. The distance between the exchange and your home, as well as the quality of wiring both make a big difference. With typical copper wiring (common with ADSL), the further the broadband signals travel, the slower and more distorted they tend to become.

What can you do?  Changing the way you receive your broadband (i.e. a different ISP and different broadband product), could potentially help. Switching to Superfast fibre optic broadband (if available) would also help, and likely be the quickest way to faster browsing. 

2) Your WiFi Network

Your router plays a critical role in delivering fast internet to you.  Where you position it, particularly relative to your computer, will have an impact on internet speeds. Certain objects in between the router and your computer can weaken the broadband as well, particularly metal.  As a general rule, doubling the distance between your router and device decreases speeds by two-thirds. Using a long extension cable to connect the router to your telephone socket can slow your broadband too.

3) Time of day

Does your internet feel slower during certain times of the day?  It’s not your imagination. ‘Virtual rush hour’ is generally between 7pm and 9pm, when people get home from work and go online. The more people online in your area, the slower speeds are likely to be (assuming you are all on the same type of internet delivery network).  The difference between peak and off-peak speeds varies widely across the UK, but the average is a drop of 35%.

To remedy this, you could switch to superfast broadband.  Or move.

4) Your Internet browser

Your browser stores websites you visit and keeps data about them in its cache. The aim of this is to speed up your internet browsing but over time it may have the opposite effect.  A really full cache can slow things down, as can old files that have become corrupted.

Leaving too many tabs open at once can also slow down your browsing ability. Plug-ins or extensions may also eat up short term memory that will slow the start-up / opening of your browser.

To remedy this, try clearing your cache and browsing history.  If this doesn’t help, it may be worth uninstalling your browser then reinstalling it. This will remove all the extensions you have (meaning you will need to reinstall them), but could very well make a big difference.  We also tend to find that users who restart their computers regularly are less likely to suffer from this issues than those who restart once a week or less.

5) Malware

Viruses and other malware are REALLY annoying.  Not only will they slow down your computer, they can also slow your broadband as they download and upload data (and possibly infect other computers in the process).

Ensuring you have antivirus software and keeping it updated is a vital step in protecting your computer and ensuring viruses don’t affect your internet speeds. Spyware is also critical as is making sure your computer’s firewall is activated.

Mac and Windows computers all have their own firewall tools, however if you install a security suite, it may disable the core firewall and replace it with its own.

About BTA

BTA is an ISP and expert in malware, spyware and anti-virus protection for businesses.  As a trusted IT provider for hundreds of companies in London, the UK and the world, BTA ensures that your business receives the right solution for your particular needs through our 20+ years of experience and industry-leading software partnerships.

BTA’s partners, Eset and Malwarebytes, offer award-winning malware and virus protection.  With BTA’s expertise in deploying and maintaining these technologies, your business will benefit from not only the best protection available, but the best support in making it work.

Plus with our highly skilled internet services team, we can provide your business with the best broadband available in your area, or high-speed fibre optic connectivity. 

To discuss how we can help your business with IT services, internet connectivity or antivirus protection, contact BTA today—the business IT experts.


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