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Goodbye to BT's ISDN Lines


BT (formerly British Telecommunications) have announced their plans to switch off their ISDN network for voice calling in 2025, and will stop taking new orders from..

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The Future of Net Neutrality

In December 2017 the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal a set of regulations that govern what has become known as net neutrality


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7 Free Apps You Should Get for Windows 10

There is an entire world of apps for Windows 10. Some are incredibly useful, others are fun, and a few seem to perform minor miracles (like recover deleted files from an..

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5 Ways Windows 10 & Android Can Work Great Together

If all your communications mediums work together seamlessly, you are more efficient.  You can work more, and with less effort. This is why businesses are investing in..

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Japan to Open the First Farm Run By Robots

It is the stuff of Sci-Fi films, but it is happening—and soon. Next year a Japanese company is opening the first farm run almost entirely by robots.

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Two Questions All IT Directors Should Ask Themselves

Ten years ago we thought we were in the midst of a digital revolution. But many would argue, if that was revolution, what we are in now is a total transformation. ..

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