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2020 Phishing Attack Trends – Learn about your Business Risk


Few cyber threats are as prevalent and costly as phishing attacks. In 2019, Sonicwall documented a 27% increase in encrypted threats through email, which masquerade as..

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Extra defence against cybercrime: Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus


As part of our ongoing battle against cybercrime, we are continually looking at the ways we can improve, as well as expand our Security Services portfolio. Recently,..

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How To Arm Yourself Against "Human Hacking"


With our numerous technological advancements – AI in the home, always-on devices in our pockets, the cloud storing data in perpetuity – we are facing more challenges..

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How Can You Protect Your Business from Data Breaches?


Data breaches and Cyber Security should be big concerns for business owners. A hacked system is more than just a hassle. With the potential to destroy your company’s..

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Big Data and Analytics – not just for large corporations

The explosion of data has been a constant trend in the last decade, and businesses are still figuring out what this means for them. The term ‘Big data’ is used to define..

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8 Ways to improve your cyber security


Keep your business safe

Following on from BTA’s recent Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, we’d like to offer some guidance on how to improve your own cyber security.

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