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Look out Slack! Microsoft Formally Launches Teams

A quick little chat message vs. writing an email: which would you rather do? Most of us would rather send a chat message, especially if the messaging platform was..

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The Best Tech for Travel in 2017

It is that time of year when many of us begin dreaming of, or indeed preparing for, a warm weather holiday.  Short, dark days and constant drizzle is enough to make..

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New Gadgets are Here! What to Expect This Year

They may not all be new gadgets, but they are new parts of gadgets or improvements to gadgets we already know and love. They are… (drum roll) the exciting device..

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Top Tips & Hidden Tricks for iOS 10

iOS 10 is filled with practical improvements that most of us would use – if we knew about them.  Some things are obvious, but others are little hidden gems that most of..

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Top 5 Technology Trends to Influence Businesses in 2017

Technology evolves somewhat like a garden does—with some elements growing slowly over time, and others spreading like wildfire given the right conditions.

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Windows 10 - Tips & Tricks You'll Love

Many people have now upgraded to Windows 10, but few are aware of everything Windows 10 can do. And it can do a lot. Windows 10 is packed with user-friendly shortcuts..

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