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Become a Presentation Pro: 5 Tips for PowerPoint 2016

Even with all the amazing technology of recent years, most of us still find ourselves having to press the little letters on our keyboard to write manuals, proposals..

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BTA’s Top 5 Tips for Outlook 2016

Most of us live in Outlook. It controls our diaries, our email and to-do lists.  Without it, we would have to walk down the hall to verbally deliver messages and put..

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5 Ways Windows 10 & Android Can Work Great Together

If all your communications mediums work together seamlessly, you are more efficient.  You can work more, and with less effort. This is why businesses are investing in..

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Look out Slack! Microsoft Formally Launches Teams

A quick little chat message vs. writing an email: which would you rather do? Most of us would rather send a chat message, especially if the messaging platform was..

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Microsoft Beat Salesforce in Battle for LinkedIn

The end game for many technology start-ups is to sell to a large company, or go public to facilitate growth. LinkedIn is hardly a start-up anymore, but it has now..

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Windows 10 - Tips & Tricks You'll Love

Many people have now upgraded to Windows 10, but few are aware of everything Windows 10 can do. And it can do a lot. Windows 10 is packed with user-friendly shortcuts..

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