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GDPR – What is it and how does it affect SMEs?

I have to start this blog article by saying I am not a lawyer and so if you are reading this I would urge you to take legal advice for your particular situation.

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Protect Against 80% of Threats With Cyber Essentials Certification

According to the government, nearly half of UK businesses suffered a cyber-attack last year. Cyber threats are affecting businesses of all sectors and sizes, reducing..

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5 Must-Watch Ted Talks on Cyber Security

Even the most sceptical people can now see that cyber security is something we all need to take seriously. Whether it is as consumers, retailers, employees or..

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Why You Don't Need 27 Passwords

This is a guest blog from Wendy Zamora at Malwarebytes, first published here.

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How to Spot a Fake App

A few weeks ago, the world celebrated International Data Privacy Day. The goal of the day is to draw attention to all the personal information you own, and make sure it..

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What is Encryption: This is how apps keep your data safe

You may have thought twice about the security of messages sent over WhatsApp, or about using an app for online banking. After all once you press ‘send’ or ‘transfer’,..

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