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What is Zero Trust Security – and Do You Need It?


There’s no such thing as too secure – not when your business, your users and your clients are at risk. In a year that saw our working and online lives unavoidably..

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What is a SOC – and Why Does Your Business Need One?


‘It’s not a case of if, but when…’ It’s a phrase quoted regularly by cybersecurity experts to confirm the possibility of a cyber-attack on organisations, and while the..

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2020 Phishing Attack Trends – Learn about your Business Risk


Few cyber threats are as prevalent and costly as phishing attacks. In 2019, Sonicwall documented a 27% increase in encrypted threats through email, which masquerade as..

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The Top 5 Business Reads


Warren Buffett, American business magnate and investor, said daily reading was the key to success: “That’s how knowledge functions. It accrues, like compound interest”.

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The Future of Google


For several decades, Google has dominated the world of online research. With the powerful algorithms and keyword indexes unique to this search engine, Google’s reach..

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How Many Cores? Is More Always Better?


A big hardware buzzword is multi-core, with companies like AMD and Intel releasing processors with more cores than ever. They’re exciting, particularly in the gaming..

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