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Top Tips & Hidden Tricks for iOS 10

iOS 10 is filled with practical improvements that most of us would use – if we knew about them.  Some things are obvious, but others are little hidden gems that most of..

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Important Security Information for BTA Clients

We have noticed an increase in the number of IT security breaches lately, particularly in companies being hit by ransomware attacks like CryptoLocker. [See related BBC..

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Top 8 Reasons Your Computer is Slow – from the Business IT Experts

Most of us know the feeling: that annoying frustration that builds as you try to open documents and pages that seem to take years to finally appear. It is even more..

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Tip of the Week: 3 Ways to Improve Your iPhone Battery's Life

If you are like most people you use your iPhone to… well do just about everything. You use it for work, fun, staying connected to friends and hundreds of other purposes..

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Tip of the Week: Spot a Hacker By Investigating Their IP Address

Have you ever wondered how your PC is identified from the billions of other devices out there? Just like every human being has specific physiological traits that make up..

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