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Why You Don't Need 27 Passwords

This is a guest blog from Wendy Zamora at Malwarebytes, first published here.

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What is Encryption: This is how apps keep your data safe

You may have thought twice about the security of messages sent over WhatsApp, or about using an app for online banking. After all once you press ‘send’ or ‘transfer’,..

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Google to Kill the Password

Google is testing an interesting new authentication idea. In a bid to get rid of the password, Google may switch to phone authentication. Under this scheme you would..

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What to do if you are a Talk Talk customer

The Talk Talk cyber attack has left many wondering how at risk they are and what they should do to protect themselves. 

BTA's inhouse technical guru, Scott Bartlett,..

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Two-Factor Authentication: An Easy Way to Make it Hard for Hackers

If you are up-to-speed with the latest tech news, you will already know that passwords are considered an "old-school" method of authenticating account logins. If you..

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