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Buildings of the future: Meet the world’s cleverest office

If we ask you if you’ve heard of The Edge, you might think we were talking about Microsoft Edge—the “enhanced Windows 10 search experience”. But The Edge we are..

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The Biggest IT Disasters: Hard to Believe True Stories

Somewhere between hiring the best employees, the streamlined operations process, the carefully crafted management meetings, KPIs and customer support, lies what is..

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6 IT Predictions for 2016

Hidden amongst the servers, shiny new laptops and other IT hardware in our tech lab, we found a small, but perfectly formed crystal ball. It was indeed a strange..

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Two Questions All IT Directors Should Ask Themselves

Ten years ago we thought we were in the midst of a digital revolution. But many would argue, if that was revolution, what we are in now is a total transformation. ..

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Windows 10 Is Here - This is What Your Business Needs to Know

Microsoft’s latest PC operating system arrived with fanfare last week, and so far has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.  As Sophie Curis at the Telegraph..

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