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Why Every Modern Workplace Needs Cyber Security Training


Your employees are your first and your weakest line of defence. Cyber criminals know this, hence why they’re always targeting businesses with phishing emails. To fight phishing scams, you can’t just install some software or change some settings. You need to strengthen your human firewall – aka your employees – by giving them cyber security training. It’s an essential part of any cyber security program, here’s why.


Firstly, there are a number of things to be gained from cyber security training

There are all sorts of gains on offer with cyber security training. Beyond the obvious like protecting your business’s digital assets from theft or corruption, your business can avoid costly downtime and spending vast sums remedying a cyber-attack. Cyber security training can also help empower employees and boost their morale; an employee that knows how to be autonomous and look after their own IT system will typically report greater levels of job satisfaction. A trained workforce will also make your cyber security more proactive. When employees are trained, they can autonomously alert your Head of IT to cyber threats and areas for improvement before they become issues.


But more importantly, there are several large problems that cyber security training will help you to avoid

More data is available than ever before

More and more assets are digitised. More and more activities now take place within the Cloud. This has certainly brought new levels of efficiency to businesses. But it has also made them more vulnerable. With more valuable data on offer, the stakes have never been higher. And the need for protection by your employees has never been greater.

Data breaches seem to be getting worse

According to IBM, on average it now takes companies 197 days to recognise a breach to data security. It can then also take 68 days to contain the breach. This figure is at an all-time high, and there is no sign that it couldn’t rise further. This means the best time to give your team cyber security training was yesterday. The second-best time is now.


cyber security training

In many cases avoiding cyber security training is illegal

If your client’s sensitive data is compromised and it can be proven that your business didn’t take adequate steps to protect it, you’ll be liable. This can manifest in anything from a fine to an expensive lawsuit. This will depend on your industry but certainly if you’re in the finance, legal, and health sectors, cyber security training will be mandatory.

Avoiding a cyber-attack is normally enough incentive to implement any technology or training scheme. But in today’s modern workplace, the stakes and the benefits of cyber security training are so high, any business owner would need a good reason not to implement it.

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Michael O’Neill

Written by Michael O’Neill

As a founding director of CMI, Mike's passion for technology, and in particular for security, has ensured that CMI are able to provide the depth of technical expertise that our clients rely upon CMI for. He is responsible for the operations of our managed support, security, and cloud services business. Mike works very closely with our strategic vendors to ensure that we bring the very latest innovations and security protections to our clients. Unfortunately, a Man Utd fan, but other than that a great guy to have on the team!

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