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Why you should move to a cloud communication system

Take a second to consider just how integral telephone communication is to the modern workplace. Along with the internet, it’s the defining technology of the modern age. We would be in a vastly different world without it. If it underpins everything we do, optimising phone systems is a must. So here are 5 reasons why a cloud communication system can do this.

More scalability and adaptability

Businesses – especially in the smaller, earlier stages - can change and scale swiftly. New employees will require a company to adapt accordingly and add more lines. Traditional on- premise systems require extra hardware and more reliance on IT support. Cloud based systems let businesses add or remove extensions themselves, as and when, to allow for changes in call volume. Now businesses only need pay for the extensions they use. This means that…

Cloud based systems are cheaper

With the ease of adaptability and little to no reliance on a support team, less time and money is wasted making system changes. With a single business phone line, other features like customised greetings, caller ID and voicemail can be added at no extra cost. Also, consider this, it’s possible to set things up entirely on employees’ smart phones.

They can integrate with cloud based apps

No landline can be used from within applications like Zendesk, Salesforce etc. Integrated phone systems can even show you caller details such as email addresses and other notes from within your CRM seamlessly. This is more than just a neat trick. There is strong evidence to suggest that greater integration of workplace communication systems leads to increased efficiency.

You can take your calls from anywhere

Work takes place in plenty of locations beyond the office. Important calls shouldn’t be missed because someone is attending a trade show or on a train. Cloud based systems allow employees access to their office line directly via their smartphone. Whatever the location cloud technology even lets you seamlessly forward calls to other team members, without a customer being aware.

You get affordable access to top business features

Cloud communication systems give you access to a fully customisable system including features like call recording, voicemail, meetings, chat, collaboration tools and customer analytics. These would typically be out of reach on limited budgets. Cloud based phones systems make these features affordable.

But what about the hassle of switching over?

Unlike traditional landlines, hosted cloud systems are plug in and play. There’s no need for IT technicians. If you have a solid internet connection, you’re good to go; activation is quick and painless.

Could there be issues with audio quality and network resilience?

A could based system can operate anywhere with an internet connection. So a potentially disrupting event such as a power outage is no problem at all. Regarding quality, you may be forgiven for thinking your caller is in the room next to you. A vast improvement on a landline or Skype call.

Given the potential upsides, traditional landlines are starting to look they’re going the way of the fax machine.

So, if you want to optimise an integral part of your businesses overnight, contact our team to arrange a demonstration.


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Graham Stead

Written by Graham Stead

Graham joined CMI following the acquisition of his previous business in 2016, having successfully run that for business for 20 years. Graham's absolute focus is on making sure that we consistently hold our clients central to everything that we do, and is often heard repeating our mantra "we exist to make a significant positive impact on our clients business". Graham and his team work closely with our clients to educate, inform, and ultimately to provide technology that delivers that positive impact. Outside of the office, he is a huge supporter of Bone Cancer Research Trust and has raised over £130,000 for them in recent years.

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