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Cyber Essentials

Achieving your Cyber Essentials certification assures stakeholders, prospects, and clients that you’ve taken documented steps to protect your systems, infrastructure, data and staff – and ensures you that your business is protected to a baseline level of security.

Investing in your Cyber Security is an obligation
that can’t be ignored

Gaining Cyber Essentials Certification is a big step toward cyber resilience. Once obtained you clients, investors, staff and prospects will be assured of your due diligence to data security.

Cyber Essentials is more than a certification though, with financial, sales and regulatory benefits too.

Meet Compliance

With Cyber Essentials, you demonstrate a dedication to security, compliance and standards. We hold all our security standards to the regulations of the law and the unique requirements of your sector.

Attract Government

Because a Cyber Essentials accreditation matches strict government standards, your business will be eligible for government and private sector contracts.

Secure your

Assure clients and stakeholders that their data is safe with you, and confirm your reputation as a security-conscious business.

Be Liability

If your turnover exceeds £20million, a Cyber Essentials accreditation means your business may be eligible for up to £25,000 indemnity cover.

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Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

There are two standards of Cyber Essentials accreditation. Cyber Essentials Plus includes extra assistance with the addition of a full external vulnerability scan.

Cyber Essentials

The basic accreditation, Cyber Essentials ensures your business demonstrates its dedication to strict cyber security standards, with your self-assessment and Cyber Essentials questionnaire assessed and completed by CMI.

Cyber Essentials Plus - Most Popular

Cyber Essentials Plus provides everything in the basic Cyber Essentials package, plus an extensive security audit carried out by an independent assessor. With Plus, you cement your reputation as a cyber secure company and demonstrate to a wider client portfolio that their security is assured.

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Our Cyber Security expertise, as well as our multiple industry awards, are your assurance of a successful Cyber Essentials accreditation.



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Know you’re protected to high security standards, prepared to tackle prestigious new contracts and providing clients with the safest possible defences. Talk to CMI today and be assured of your business security.

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