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Disaster Recovery & Backup

Manage your organisation’s risk and prepare for the worst
with our disaster recovery services

CMI Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Imagine a disaster has just happened in your organisation. A cyber-attack. A flood perhaps. There’s only one way you can quickly retrieve compromised data and continue running your business. With CMI’s backup and disaster solutions, you can expect the below.

The perfect solution, regardless of your business’s shape or size.

Industry leading technology from the best vendors on the market.

Anything from simple managed cloud backup,
to full server replication.

Full coverage
no matter what.

Backup & Disaster Recovery with CMI as your Partner

Unitrends Backup & Recovery

This is your all-in-one backup and disaster recovery solution. Store all your business’s crucial data with Unitrends, so it's there, at the ready, should your business suffer a natural disaster or security breach.

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Microsoft 365 Backup

Should your Microsoft data accidentally be deleted or compromised, our Microsoft 365 Backup services can turn back the clock rapidly. Every Microsoft cloud app, from Word to Sharepoint to Teams, can be safeguarded using our service.

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Whichever solution you choose, our ultimate goal is to help you feel safe in the knowledge that your business is protected, no matter what.

Our Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services are delivered to you fully managed

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Services are delivered to you fully managed.

Think of it as a comprehensive solution for ensuring all your business’s data is protected. Whether a cyber attack, a natural disaster, a hardware failure, or anything else threatens your data and your IT systems, CMI’s Backup and Disaster Recovery services are designed to ensure you can return your business to its desired state.

Without these measures in place, the cost of remedying such an attack could cost your business thousands and possibly spell its demise. So think of backup and disaster recovery as the ultimate in peace of mind.

Download our eBook that offers an overview on how to protect your business with managed backup and disaster recovery.

CMI swears by Unitrends Backup & Recovery

As accredited Unitrends partners, CMI can offer a fully managed solution or leave you to manage it yourself in-house.

Unitrends Backup & Recovery is designed to be as effortless as possible. With its intuitive UI and 24/7 support, expect to keep your data secure.

Popular Models

Recovery 9002

  • 2TB of Usable Capacity
  • 1.1TB of Suggested Backup Capacity
  • 8GB of RAM

Recovery 9060S

  • 60TB of Usable Capacity
  • 36TB of Suggested Backup Capacity
  • 128GB of RAM

Recovery 9120S

  • 120TB of Usable Capacity
  • 72TB of Suggested Backup Capacity
  • 256GB of RAM

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CMI swears by Unitrends Backup & Recovery

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Protect your organisation’s Microsoft 365 data

Microsoft’s terms of service clearly state that they’re not responsible for your Microsoft 365 data. You’re responsible. This is important because deleted data is only held by Microsoft 365 for between 14-30 days. Whether it’s data loss due to unauthorised action, or due to failure to adhere to required configuration, Microsoft has zero responsibility.

Protection of all the data held across all your Microsoft 365 apps, from OneDrive to Office tools.

No limits on storage or the retention of your data.

The ability to restore back to a specific point in time – this is ideal should you suffer a ransomware attack.

We guarantee that your data
remains 100% recoverable

Protect against human error and accidental damage, malware and
ransomware, and malicious insiders.

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Backup expert