Educating your team


It's easier for a criminal to fool a person than it is for them to beat a protected technology stack! Once you have invested in the foundations of Cyber Security, your team needs education and protection on the front line.

As the target, It's important for your employees to be prepared and to understand methods used by criminals so they can help minimise their own exposure as well as that of the business.


Phishing Simulation

We send deceptive emails, similar to malicious phishing emails, to you and your team. From the response of the test, we educate your team what to look out for. Delivered continually, the phishing templates are constantly updated to reflect real life threats.

User Awareness Training

User awareness training is delivered online and will provide consistent reinforcement of the latest threats and tricks that are used by cyber criminals. It's a critical tactic to keep security front of mind and remind employees of their responsibilities. 

Best Practice Reviews & Policies

Not directly educating, but it is about people and process. Position how we can help review best practice and put appropriate policies in place.

Providing the right tools

Our comprehensive set of IT Security tools including multi-factor authentication and DNS protection will help keep your users, applications and data protected.


Next Steps

The next step to learning more about our Managed Cyber Security service is to book a live dark web check using the form above with one of our team. The call will include a live screen share of a dark web search under your company name to help determine your exposure.

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