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Hardware & Software

When it comes to business productivity, making sure you have the best hardware and software for your business is essential, but it’s not just about replacing new for old.

You might want to:

  • Upgrade to a superior technology
  • Implement a new line of business application
  • Capitalise on the cloud

Whatever the requirement, CMI will provide the solution that best fits your business goals and implement it all with minimal disruption and downtime to your business.

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Benefit from our close relationships
and buying power with leading IT
vendors and distributors

This means as a CMI client, you will benefit from the following:

  • Fantastic value on hardware and software purchases
  • Expert advice about which products best suit your needs
  • Lifecycle management
  • Asset and license tracking – no need to worry about anything before or after purchase


CMI is proud to work with a diverse range of suppliers and partners. Our consultants, specialists, and support staff have undergone training to ensure they have the prerequisite skills for implementing and maintaining partner technology.
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Strategically Managed Print and
Document Services

These will enable your business to improve productivity, increase cost efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint. Working as a digital transformation partner with Advanced UK, we address environmental sustainability through innovative ways to eliminate unnecessary printing, reducing your print usage and waste.
Learn more about how our proactive support monitors, maintains and manages your print environment
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Book a 15-minute call to discuss
upgrades, cloud software and business
productivity solutions