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Microsoft 365

Optimise your team's productivity
and give them everything they need to thrive in the modern office

The rise of remote work and the ever changing business landscape has forced the office to modernise.

With Microsoft being the adaptable, forward thinking business that it is, for every modern workplace problem, it has a modern solution.

Microsoft 365 offers everything the employee of today could need. From collaboration tools to cloud storage. This can help them stay happy and fulfilled whilst ensuring your business remains productive, whatever the office setup.


Working with CMI you'll get

Key advantages of CMI looking after your Microsoft 365 include
 Never stress over missing tech updates - CMI will handle all of them.

 Increased flexibility - as your workforce scales and shifts you can add and remove programs and user accounts on the fly. Only paying for the team members you need can save you thousands over the long run.

 Maximum security compliance with your Microsoft applications that hold some of your business’s most important data is important, and often a legal requirement.

Some of Microsoft 365’s notable tools that’ll help optimise your team’s productivity


Boasting enterprise grade security, Outlook combines a team's emails and calendars under one hub. You can schedule meetings and check other’s availability with ease. It also integrates with Microsoft 365’s cloud storage solutions to make sharing and collaborating on documents as easy as possible.


Acting as a mobile intranet, Sharepoint lets you share and store everything from data to news to applications. This is a fully customizable hub that can help you organise any information your business has use for and streamline its consumption.

Microsoft Teams

Stepping team collaboration up a gear, Microsoft Teams is your all-purpose communication tool. It offers instant messaging and video calling whilst seamlessly integrating with Office apps like Word and Excel. This enables you to work on a document from within Microsoft Teams. With a ton of training and best practices available it has the power to give you the competitive edge for modern workplace productivity.

Adopting Teams shouldn’t be a rushed job. Doing so comes with risks such as security breaches and low user adoption. Avoid ‘DIY’ Microsoft Teams adoption and let CMI handle the entire process. Click below to learn more about it.

Our Microsoft Teams adoption approach


This is the ideal complement to SharePoint. OneDrive is an employee’s personal storage vault. Great for individuals to share personal drafts and work in progress. It integrates with Word, Excel, and other office apps. It’s the ideal tool for combining with Outlook and avoiding the need for large email attachments – sending a OneDrive link is all that’s needed.


This is a way to create a dedicated social network for your business. Like Facebook or Twitter, you can create groups, events, gather feedback, and start conversations. Yammer can be the ideal tool for larger organisations with remote employees to maintain company culture.

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