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The Modern Workplace

How CMI can help transform your business
into the productive and agile office this era demands

Lately, offices have been changing exponentially.

One minute we were just sending a few emails. Now we’re in a world of instant messages and video calls. Today it’s normal for an office to operate from multiple locations, and for many ‘the office’ has become a kitchen or café.

With these new changes, come new risks, namely on the cyber security front, but also new opportunities.

Appropriate tools are a must for supporting this large and rapid shift, and if the modern workforce isn’t supported by their tech, productivity is at risk.

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Why modernise?

Beyond simply sounding smart, modernising your workplace has several key benefits to your business that you’d be foolish to overlook.
 Technology can enhance the collaborative experience by giving team members tools to communicate and work more efficiently. This in turn can produce higher quality work.

 Enabling and optimising remote work can save money and time.

 The combination of collaboration and communication tools can optimise operations and create further efficiency gains and cost savings.

 A modern office can have the knock-on effect of engaging and retaining the best talent.

 Certain modern solutions, namely the use of Microsoft 365, can be helpful to mitigate the risks of cybercrime.

How CMI can help future proof your business

Remote Working

Enabling good communication channels with the help of Microsoft 365 apps such as Teams and Outlook can keep your business remain fully operational, regardless of location.
Also, to combat the security risks that remote work presents, CMI offers several offerings such as disaster recovery and antivirus protection.
Finally, our mobile device management is a great way for your business to remotely manage the lifecycle of a mobile device and its platform.

Cloud Phone Systems

These can be accessed from anywhere – unlike a traditional landline. Without the need for hardware, cloud phones also offer greater adaptability and scalability. Great for the rapidly growing business. Their adaptability and not requiring a support team can lower costs, and their integration with cloud based apps such as your CRM can streamline your processes.

Microsoft 365

Signing up to Microsoft 365 is a great solution for the office (or home office) that needs to remain flexible – new hires can be onboarded instantly.

Microsoft 365’s communication and collaboration tools – namely Microsoft Teams are another boost to remote work.

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft 365 has high quality cyber security. All the more important in our world of remote work.

Modernising is hard to ignore

Most businesses that dug their heels in as the internet slowly grew in significance are either finished or compromised. Modernising your business is not about simply buying new hardware or software. It’s about taking advantage of technology before your competitors do.

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Next steps

If you’re ready to modernise your business and prepare it for challenges ahead, book a 15-minute call to discuss how CMI can help you future proof.