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Drive Success for the Virtual Workplace

Modernising the user devices with Virtual Desktop Solutions

The future of work is here. Are you ready to embrace it? Modernising user devices with virtual desktop solutions with CMI today and welcome a more streamlined, productive and flexible user experience.

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Modernise or Miss Out

As technology continues to evolve, previously held, limiting conceptions about working practices have begun to evaporate. In their place, a new working world has emerged: one ready to embrace flexibility, adaptability and innovation.

Most businesses have already begun harnessing the potential of the Cloud and virtualising their servers. However, in order to truly empower your employees, optimise your operations and unlock new opportunities, you need to go one step further. You need to modernise your user devices with virtual desktop solutions from CMI.

The Next Step in Your Cloud Journey:
Modernising Your Business Endpoints

A virtual desktop is a virtualised computer which resides in the Cloud and is accessible from any compatible device via the Internet. Using software, rather than a physical computer, you can access the full functionality of a physical computer from anywhere.

While the Cloud can be considered a nebulous, intangible entity, CMI’s virtual desktop solutions are different. Your business can harness our virtual desktops in very real, very effective ways.

Security & Regulation

Data sensitive business
Regulated business
Financial Services & Wealth Management

Flexible Workforce

Mergers and acquisitions
Short-term employees
Contractors and partners
BYOD and mobile
Call centre teams
Branch workers

Specialised Workloads

Design and Engineering
Legacy apps
Software development & test

Benefits of Virtual Desktops

With Azure Virtual Desktop, you can also leverage additional benefits, including:


With Azure Virtual Desktop, you benefit from sophisticated security functions configured through Azure, reduced attack surfaces, granular controls and isolated user sessions.


Deploy and scale in minutes and simplify the ongoing provisioning, access and management of your business’ applications and data.


Minimise the cost of managing on-premises infrastructure. Plus, leverage existing Microsoft licenses and run multiple virtual desktops on the same hardware to reduce overheads.


Virtual desktops make regular copies of their operations history, meaning data is easily retrievable in the event of a disaster.

CMI’s Virtual Workplace Solutions

At CMI, we can advise you on the ideal virtual desktop solution to support your specific needs. We offer a range of virtualisation options for the modern workplace, including Azure Virtual Desktop and Azure Virtual Desktop with Citrix as part of our BigCloud solution, as well as Windows 365.


Windows 365

Designed to be user-friendly and simple to use, Windows 365 offers personalised Windows 365 Cloud PCs, available across all compatible devices.

  • Simple Deployment
  • Easily scalable computing and storage
  • No virtual desktop infrastructure experience required
  • Predictable, per user pricing


Azure Virtual Desktop

Optimised for flexibility, Azure Virtual Desktop offers more control over your virtual desktop environment. With AVD for Citrix you can leverage existing investments in Citrix and VMware VDI and create a multi-Cloud or hybrid architecture with a single control pane.

  • Multi-session Windows VMs
  • Remote app streaming
  • Full control over configuration and management
  • Flexible, consumption-based pricing

Transform and Modernise your Business with Virtual Desktop Solutions 

To remain competitive as a business in the modern world, you need to equip your employees with the right tools and solutions for remote working. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive guide to help you modernise your user devices effectively with virtual desktop solutions.

Download our guide today to explore:

  • What a virtual desktop is
  • Virtual desktop business use cases
  • The rise of virtualisation
  • The business benefits of virtual desktops
  • Migrating, deployment and management
  • And much, much more


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Why Partner With CMI?

At CMI, we use our unique Impact360 framework to ensure that your virtual workplace is established seamlessly, effectively and in line with your overall business goals.

We hold discovery sessions with your board and senior leadership to help understand your goals and identify your key impact metrics.

We carry out an employee technology survey to uncover how IT is impacting your employees’ ability to work efficiently and effectively.

We identify the gaps between your actual technology usage and the benefits that new virtual desktop investments could bring.

We set specific baselines from which to measure the positive impact our virtual desktop solution is having towards achieving your overall business goals.


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Unlock the Opportunities of Your Virtual Workplace

Are you ready to explore how our virtual desktop solutions could benefit your business? Book a meeting with one of our Cloud specialists today to discover how modernising your IT could transform your operations.


Image credit: Wokingham Town Council