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Introducing How To Videos

There is a wealth of information online that can help you with an IT task.  But much of it is posted by amateur IT enthusiasts, bloggers and one-man band IT consultants that may or may not have the latest training and certifications.  Following the advice of a non-professional source could lead to wasted time with instructions that don’t work, or worst case—a serious IT problem.

With BTA’s new ‘How To’ videos, you can access easy-to-understand demonstrations for IT tasks that you can trust.  New videos will be released each month, and the solutions given are tried and tested by our engineers.  The videos are short, with each being 1-3 minutes long; and comprehensive, giving full instructions for the task at hand.

With BTA’s hot-topic whitepapers and downloads providing in-depth insights, and the new How To videos providing quick solutions, BTA is a fantastic resource for customers and the IT community alike.  If you have an idea for a How To video you would like to see, we would love to hear it.  Please just email .

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Sarah Andrews

Written by Sarah Andrews

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