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BTA Now Offering 24x7 Support

MITS24_24-7_IT_suppport_IT_companies_London.pngLong gone are the days of coming into work at 9am and leaving at 5:30pm.  In fact, most of us have never even experienced such a predictable schedule. To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, businesses need to be switched on all the time.  They need employees to work whatever number of hours are required to get the job done, and be available far beyond the once-normal 8-hour day.  In return, more and more companies are offering flexible working in which employees can work from home, or during non-business hours as their regular schedule.

More than half of UK employers will implement flexible working by next year.  

BTA has responded by launching a 24x7 IT support service, providing IT assistance, preventative maintenance and emergency remote support for clients and their IT infrastructure around the clock.  The new Managed IT Support 24x7 (MITS24) service is designed for companies that often have staff working at various hours, or in different time zones, where IT infrastructure must be functioning 24x7. It additionally helps companies that regularly have employees working late to meet deadlines, and simply must have IT help on hand should something go wrong outside business hours.

MITS24 is an alternative to BTA's standard Managed IT Support (MITS) service which provides IT support from 8:00am to 6:00pm GMT. 

With MITS24, you have an "always on" service. If you have staff working late, or in different time zones, you can contact BTA's Service Desk and receive telephone and remote assistance. Likewise should one of your business critical servers fail or develop an issue outside normal working hours, BTA's sophisticated monitoring and alerting systems will notify the Service Desk and qualified engineers will start working on the issue straight away. Regardless of whether your business is 24x7 or not, with MITS 24, you have peace of mind that your IT is being properly cared for, even whilst you sleep, avoiding those unnecessary delays or downtime in your normal business day.

New and existing clients can change their service agreements from MITS to MITS24 at any point. As a trusted service from the London-based IT experts, clients of BTA’s are now able to receive the support they need to cater for the increasing number of flexible-working employees, employees abroad and employees who often work late.

Darron Millar, Technical Services Director at BTA, said, “We are thrilled to be able to offer a truly 24x7 IT support service. With mobile technology and the widespread adoption of cloud solutions, employees are working anywhere and everywhere, at all hours of the day. Plus flexible working has meant an increasing number of companies absolutely must have IT assistance available beyond 6pm. Our new service will help businesses who need this level of cover and understand the value this will bring to their business, employees and clients."

BTA has also launched a 24x7 version of its Flexible IT Support (FITS) service, which is aimed at businesses who have in-house IT staff and only need some of their IT equipment covered. FITS24 will now provide the same tailored service as FITS, but 24x7, ensuring total cover and peace of mind.

For more information on BTA’s 24x7 MITS and FITS packages, or other Managed Services, please call 020 8875 7676 or email enquiries@bta.com.


About BTA

BTA is a leading provider of IT support to companies across the UK.  The company was established in 1994 with the goal of offering a superior type of IT support: comprehensive, tailored and forward-thinking.  BTA offers the full spectrum of IT services, from outsourced IT to one-off projects for in-house IT managers. Learn more at www.bta.com.


Sarah Andrews

Written by Sarah Andrews

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