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BTA is Preparing for a New Look & Feel

BTA is excited to announce that the company is about to get a new look and feel, with a complete rebrand scheduled to launch in a few weeks time. The new logo and brand are seen as a better representation of who BTA is, and more accurately position BTA within the IT solutions market. 

The old logo has been through several iterations since 1994 when the company was founded, but after nearly 22 years it will be replaced by a more modern looking design, indicative of the leading-edge, technologically advanced solutions BTA provides for its clients.

"The branding of any company is important, but it particularly important within the IT sector where there is such a wide array of managed service providers. We want the BTA brand to represent our forward thinking mentality, reliability and accountability as these qualities are at the heart of everything we do here," says Peter Filitz, Sales Manager.

The birth of the new brand is an exciting time for BTA as the IT services provider grows, hires and wins several key new accounts. "There is a lot of forward momentum at BTA, particularly in terms developing our own innovations, implementing our ideas, and evolving for the future. I think the new brand is going to portray that very well," says Richard Taberner, Managing Director.

There has been a lot of speculation about what the new BTA will look like, with staff not aware yet of the new design, colour scheme or tag line. In a few weeks time however, everyone will be able to see the London-based, managed service provider's new look and decide if it does indeed accurately portray the company's focus on forward thinking solutions and service.

But for now, watch this space. 


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Sarah Andrews

Written by Sarah Andrews

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