Phishing Emails Exploiting
COVID Vaccines


For cyber criminals, COVID has been the catalyst for numerous elaborate phishing campaigns this past year. Exploiting national panic and mimicking renowned organisations, cyber criminals have found the perfect vehicle for criminal activity with COVID scam emails.
At CMI, we've compiled statistics from across the past year demonstrating how COVID scams have become a threat to the workforce - posing a threat not only to your staff, but your systems too.

Our infographic details:

The effect that COVID has had on the cyber crime industry

The methods used to extort victims in fraudulent emails

How to spot a fake email and prevent successful phishing attacks

The technologies and policies that protect your business from phishing emails

With the risk of finding new COVID variants on the rise and as vaccines are currently being rolled out across the country, scam COVID emails remain a threat to your business as long as the virus endures

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