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Remote Working Solutions

Stay productive and secure with our range of
Remote Working Solutions

Many organisations, especially during this challenging time, have adopted a flexible working culture. This will involve many employees across the country (and the world) working from home.

Below are CMI’s top secure remote working solutions for staying productive in the modern workplace.

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Improved Collaboration with Microsoft 365

For most businesses, the Microsoft 365 suite has long been a staple ingredient in the software cupboard. But now the business world has evolved, and staff need to be able to work from anywhere on different types of devices—ideally on applications they know. Microsoft 365 addresses this with its cloud-based productivity suite and email. Benefits of Microsoft 365 include:

  • Provided as a service with no capital costs
  • Save money with simple per-user monthly billing
  • Flexible tools that can be downloaded to staff needs
  • Familiar Microsoft applications
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Mobile Device Management

Most office workers are likely to use more than one work device. With employees using devices from home, it is vital that your IT teams understand what devices are being used. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an underlying technology that remotely manages the lifecycle of mobile devices and their respective platforms.

MDM usually involves the installation of unique profiles on mobile devices. These profiles give organisations the ability to remotely control, encrypt, and enforce policies on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. MDM can also be used to wipe a device of all apps and data if it is lost or stolen.


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Modern business demands IT systems and data to always be available from any device or location, meaning protection against cyber-attacks and threats is a must.

92% of security breaches are caused by human error or interaction. Quite possibly more thanks to remote work.

As well as a good antivirus solution, we recommend implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA decreases the likelihood of your accounts being hacked by adding an extra layer of protection. This extra layer comes in the form of an email or text message confirmation, and even biometric methods such as facial recognition or a fingerprint scan.


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Disaster Recovery and Backup

With increased security risks due to people working from home, a business continuity plan should be put in place. Disaster Recovery is an essential part of any company’s risk management strategy.

In today’s business environment you need to know your data and systems are securely backed up to a location offsite, so that in the event of a disaster you can retrieve this data quickly and/or start up your services elsewhere and can continue servicing your clients. When you sign up to CMI's Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services you’ll get:

  • A fully managed backup and disaster recovery service
  • Set up, monitoring, maintenance, and support of the service
  • Peace of mind that if a disaster strikes your business will be safe Learn more about How Disaster Recovery and Backup can prep your business for a worst-case scenario
Disaster Recovery & Backup for my business

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  • Daily alerts for password credential breaches associated with your company domain
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  • Multi-Factor Authentication enabled on your Microsoft 365 account to provide additional protection against security breaches
  • Email phishing simulation and training
  • Managed AV
  • Protect your staff’s web browsing with Webroot DNS Protection

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