Vulnerability Assessment & Monitoring


Each day that passes, your IT systems and data change. New devices are added, new software is installed, and your existing systems will become outdated as new patches and updates are released. 

If you're not pro-actively monitoring these changes, and how they introduce new threats and vulnerabilities each day, you are in effect opening the door to your IT assets and data a little wider each day.

Using some of the latest technology, we scan and assess your infrastructure for known vulnerabilities and threats. Fixing existing, and continually monitoring for new threats reduces your risk of incident.


Your business - uninterrupted

Using our Vulnerability Assessment and Monitoring we can act proactively to prevent breaches, reduce your risk and lock down your organisation while your operations continue uninterrupted.


Penetration Testing

The CMI team will increase the protection of your IT systems, network, applications and users against attacks with our penetration testing service. Our service simulates real-world attacks, to identify security vulnerabilities and act before hackers can exploit your security weaknesses.


Vulnerability Scanning

Our vulnerability assessment service completes a comprehensive scan of your IT infrastructure and applications for any known vulnerabilities. Using leading scanning software we find vulnerabilities in your systems and patch them to mitigate risk of attack.


Event Monitoring

Logging events and activity across your IT infrastructure helps report on security related events, and alerts where analysis determines manual intervention is required to manage potential risks 

Dark Web Monitoring

Our Dark Web Monitoring service operates in real time. Searching out email addresses from your organisation and any corresponding passwords which have been compromised and made available.


Next Steps

The next step to learning more about our Managed Cyber Security service is to book a live dark web check using the form above with one of our team. The call will include a live screen share of a dark web search under your company name to help determine your exposure.

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