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An unrelenting focus on having
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At CMI we work with forward thinking, ambitious companies, that understand technology is of strategic importance.

Guided by our purpose to work in partnership with clients, we create, deliver and support Secure Modern Workplace solutions that have a real positive impact to our clients business. That means reduced operational costs, happy productive staff, better customer service, less risk and more growth.

Clients choose to work with CMI because of our unrelenting focus on having a positive impact to the business delivered by our unique and robust Impact360 framework.

Technology that help your staff do their best work, securely, anywhere. This is why over 400 companies have trusted CMI with their technology needs.
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Our unique Impact360 framework

Discovery sessions with your  board and senior leadership to better understand your goals and identify the metrics by which IT impact will be  measured

An employee technology survey to uncover how IT  is impacting your employees ability to do their best work

Technology standards  alignment: identifying the gaps between actual  technology usage and the  potential gains that technology could bring

Setting the baselines from which to measure the real positive impact IT is having towards achieving your business goals

Discuss how Impact360 can help your business

Make sure your business is ready for the workplace of the future

The technology your business needs to embrace digital collaboration safely in the Secure Modern Workplace.

CMIs achievements

With your IT taken care of, you can focus on running your business.

And for the best part of two decades, CMI has been helping thousands of companies just like yours do exactly that. We can help you with every aspect of your IT.

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