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NewCMI Ltd, known simply as CMI, has helped thousands of companies grow and move forward with secure, innovative IT and dependable support. We create IT strategies, manage IT systems, improve Cyber Security and support the IT departments of over 400 companies. We understand that IT is a fundamental building block in the growth of your business and we are passionate about the success of our clients. We take care of your IT, so you can focus on running your business.

Our Approach


Efficient IT systems can only be maintained at the optimum performance levels if they are looked after and for this you need to regularly review your IT Performance Management requirements. This requires a focus on system management and the removal of non value adding activities and processes. CMI offer you the latest Industry Standard Diagnostic Tools which enable you to accurately assess the performance of your IT system's resources.


We create informed & intelligent strategies to navigate shifting technology, keeping organisations like yours effective & secure.


Our innovative IT management service keeps your existing infrastructure stable while preparing for what’s around the corner.


By having a Managed IT Support contract you will have a dedicated resource to not only update and maintain your systems, but also solve any IT problems before they arise.


Our consultants can fully review your ICT systems, identify problems and make practical recommendations including complimentary or alternative systems to save you money, reduce cost and increase productivity.

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CMI will help eliminate your company's IT-based concerns. Our mission is to bring enterprise-level IT services and IT support to our clients, day and night. With over 25 years of experience, our experts will work to find the right solution for whatever IT challenges your business may face

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What our clients say

"It was amazing that it worked."

- Grunberg & Co

CMI was tasked with updating Grunberg & Co's entire IT infrastructure, and managed to do this seamlessly during a weekend of heavy snowfall in London.  Grunberg & Co are a firm of chartered accountants. IT Manager Robert Bean talks about their experience with CMI's fully Managed IT services.

"Our trusted provider."

- Anderson Group

CMI has been a long-term IT provider to the Anderson Group and provides them with diverse and multi-disciplined support, 24x7. The Anderson Group specialises in construction, development and land acquisition. IT Manager Leigh Cummings talks about their experience with CMI's flexible IT services.

News: NewCMI Ltd acquires BTA

We are thrilled to announce that NewCMI Ltd has acquired BTA Ltd – one of the leading Managed IT Service Providers in the UK. The acquisition of BTA takes CMI to a turnover in excess of £11m and a staff of 100, based in three sites across the UK – Belfast, London and Thames Valley. This increase allows CMI to gain wider access to the UK market and further cements its commitment to the IT sector and the businesses it serves.

BTA has operated for 25 years in the UK and offers a range of services, including IT support, security and compliance, disaster recovery, cloud technology, and network and internet services. The company has 50 employees and a client base of 250, including clients from financial, manufacturing, and professional services sectors amongst others.

Ken Roulston, Managing Director of CMI, spoke about the significance of the move: “The acquisition of BTA will create an even stronger IT service provider. We take great pride in providing our clients with the best advice, so that they get the most from their IT investment.  Bob Brittaine, our Chairman, Graham Stead, Client Relationship Director, Michael O’Neill, Managed Services Director, and I have over 100 combined years in the IT services sector. Now we have been joined by Darron Millar as Technical Solutions Director and Victoria Millar as Client Services Director, we are very excited about what the future holds.” 

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