About us

CMI has been helping businesses gain a competitive edge through IT for more than 25 years. As one of the UK's leading Managed IT Service Providers in business today, CMI operates from offices in Belfast, London and Thames Valley. We understand that IT is a fundamental building block in the growth of your business and we are passionate about the success of our clients. Our service is underpinned by an ingrained ethos of reliability, our own intellectual property, and a high level of technical knowledge.


Working with you

Business Owners: Do you have the IT resource to drive your company forward without support?

This question requires a much deeper analysis than a 5 minute review of your technology roadmap. As the business owner, you need to know enough about technology to ask both strategic and technical questions of your team. What if they don’t have an up to date understanding of the technologies at their fingertips? Who can they turn to for advice? CMI can offer that support.



Financial Directors: You have built an IT team, given them clear objectives, and set a budget, so what can go wrong?

Technicians want to work with the latest technology and leverage that technology to add value to the business. This is true in corporate and enterprise environments where small increments of competitive advantage add-up. Small and medium sized businesses are different. Mimicking the technology pace of enterprises will often not yield the same results. CMI provide bespoke solutions to suit your objectives and budget.



IT Managers: You understand the business in which you work and your boss has faith in you to manage the IT of the business

Working for a business, you develop your skills specifically around the needs of the business and the technology used. The downside of this is: you do not get exposed to the variety of technologies and situations that an IT consultant would and probably don’t implement new technologies with the same regularity. CMI can be your trusted advisers, giving your IT knowledge the extra edge.



Office Managers: You will be faced with unforeseen challenges pertaining to your technology, be it logistics, hardware or software

When an issue arises, it either needs to be solved with a regular provider you can rely on, or by you. Going cap-in-hand to your undoubtedly busy boss, who will ask you to get various quotes to be sure of spend, is not the best use of your time. Let CMI sort out your IT and technological issues for you at a fixed monthly cost, with minimal downtime – and ahead of time wherever we can.


Why us?


of help desk calls answered within two rings



of support tickets resolved the  same day



of SLAs achieved 




average support cases closed each month


clients with >98% happiness 



of clients had 100% uptime in the past year



 In depth industry knowledge across many sectors

First-rate help desk and support staff

Dedicated, highly experienced engineers with stellar problem-solving capabilities

Trusted by London businesses for over 20 years

Proactive monitoring and updates

Dedicated account manager

Regular reviews and constant communication

Fair pricing with no surprise bills


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