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The Benefits of Virtual Desktops

Discover everything you need to know about virtual desktops and the many significant benefits of implementing these solutions within your business. 

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Continue your modernisation journey with Virtual Desktop Solutions

Since the dawn of time, technology has had a vital role to play in every facet of life. The development of tools and techniques has seen hurdles overcome, processes..

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The Future of Work is Here: Modern Desktops

Cloud adoption is soaring and shows no signs of slowing down. On average, 92% of organisations host at least some of their IT environment in the Cloud. Modern desktops..

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Finding Your First Cloud Service: Six Steps for Success

In recent years, the daily morning commute to office blocks has been replaced with the luxury of working from the comfort of our own homes – the modern workforce has..

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Your Digital Transformation is a Cloud Journey, not a Destination

One of the main conversations that we have with business is about moving to the Cloud, some of the key concerns of our clients have initially been about cost, downtime,..

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8 Cloud Security Features Financiers Should Look For

The world of Fintech (financial technology) has changed dramatically in recent years due to the benefits of online and mobile solutions. But with most of our..

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